Chapter 1

It was Monday morning, I had just woken up to the sound of the birds outside doing the usual, almost routine, singing (so sweet).

I had a quick stretch as always and looked to my high right, to see my man (i can dream) looking back at me.

"I know it sounds crazy," I had so often said to my sister, "but I almost feel like he's watching over me, like he knows I care about him, that I long for him like nothing else". Like I said, I'm crazy, I know. It's been this way for OVER six years now, but I would be lost without the knowledge of that one guy walking the earth like I do.

"Oh well anyways..." I mumble to myself, "may as well rise from sleepy land." I did my usual, washed and dressed and had some cereal.

I always sit on the settee and wonder what my Nick is doing, all these thousands of miles away, (of course I know he doesn't know I exist, that he is CONSTANTLY on my mind), but i can't help it! I so wanna be near this man it's become an obsession.

I will admit it normally hurts terribly feeling this way about a guy I don't EVEN know, (he'd probably laugh it off), but I can't help my feelings. I do think I'm VERY considerate and defensive for Nick, my friends often joke about him, so I am QUICK to defend my baby! Right?.

I shake my head and make my way into the kitchen, to figure out what's needed for the day.

Chapter 2 Coming Soon!

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