Chapter 1

Nick Carter and Emily Jacobs had been friends forever. They’ve known and played with each other ever since they were born, on the exact same day, January 28th, 1980. Their moms were best friends and so were they. They’ve never been apart for more than a day in their whole lives and Emily has slept over at the Carters’ more times than she could remember, always trying to escape her parents, who’s screaming matches lasted for hours. When they finally divorced, Nick was there for her all the way and it seemed like he would always be there. But then things changed. As they got older, things became different. When they both hit fifteen and started dating, neither could hold steady relationships because their boyfriend or girlfriend would get insanely jealous of their friendship. Then Nick became famous and sometimes Emily didn’t see him for months. Today wasn’t much different. Emily sat in the Carters’ kitchen, sipping a glass of orange juice, the bright Florida sun glinting off the gold highlights in her light brown hair. Emily was almost always at the Carters’, even when Nick wasn’t at home - she was like Jane Carter’s fourth daughter, especially since her mom was always at work trying to be the perfect mom AND dad for Emily.
“Em?” a familiar voice interrupted her thoughts.
“Nick!” Emily smiled, running over to give him a hug, “I didn’t hear you come back. I didn’t think you’d be back for another month.”
“Yep, well here I am. Missed ya,” Nick hugged her back, giving her one of his famous smiles; the ones that never failed to make girls melt.
“So how did the tour go?” Emily asked, following Nick up the stairs to his room.
“Well, Mandy opened for us really well. Leighanne dropped by to tour with us for a while and Brian proposed to her! And I’m gonna be his best friend!” Nick grinned.
“Best friend? Really Nick? Gee, I would have sworn you already were Brian’s best friend a couple of years ago,” Emily smirked.
“No, Em! I’m gonna be his best friend like, you noe, at those weddings, the guy that holds the ring!” Nick said, a confused look on his face.
“You mean his Best man?” Emily laughed.
“Oh…yeah…that guy,” Nick smiled sheepishly.
“You’re so stupid Carter!” Emily teased.
“Hey! At least I’m not…not….”
“Not what Nick? Not a guy? You’re a backdoor boy!!!!” Emily laughed.
“Hey! MOOMM!!!” Nick whined.
“Go ahead Nick. Whine. Your mom’s not even home! You whine too much Nick.”
“I do not! I do not whine!” Nick glared self-righteously.
“Do too! MOM!” Emily mimicked.
“Oh, now you’re gonna get it Em!!” Nick cried, running after her and tackling her to the floor, tickling her sides.
“Stop!! Stop…. no…. stop!” Emily cried, tears coming down her face from laughter.
“I’m not gonna stop until you say Nick Carter is the cutest, nicest, most perfect guy in the world!” Nick threatened, holding her hostage.
“Fine! Fine I will!!!” Emily said half laughing. Nick let her go and she stood up. Straightening her blue ¾ length shirt, and wiping the smile off her face, she looked straight into his eyes. “Nick Carter is NOT the cutest, nicest, most perfect guy in the world!” And she burst out laughing.
“Oh you’re gonna really get it this time…”

Chapter 2

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