Chapter 3


Emily sat in her window seat, looking out at the dark night sky, with the perfect twinkling stars and the white crescent moon. If only her life could be as perfect as the sky above her. So Nick was single now. And Emily’s heart ached for him. Every time he talked to a girl, whether it was to a fan who she knew Nick would never like, or another celebrity, she’d feel a pang of envy. She wanted Nick so bad - to be more than just a friend. To kiss his lips and run her hands through his hair. But what could she do? She was nothing more than a friend to Nick. And how would she tell him? Emily was still new to everything about relationships, even though she was nineteen. Sure she’d been on a zillion dates with the guys she met but she has never been in a serious relationship with a guy - none of them ever seemed to understand her - all they cared about were her looks. And she had certainly never fell in love with her best friend before. All she knew was that she had two choices - keep her friendship with Nick and leave her heart broken, or tell Nick her feelings. She knew the first choice would just eat her up and the second…well the second could have two outcomes - Nick could return the same feelings or he wouldn’t. Either way, she would lose her friendship with Nick. “Whatcha thinking about?” Nick asked, walking into her room and interrupting her thoughts.
“Nothing,” Emily replied. It killed her to know that he was so close but she couldn’t have him. Tears sprang to her eyes. “Em? What’s wrong?” Nick said sweetly, concerned as he went over and put his arms around Emily.
Emily couldn’t take it anymore - she sobbed onto Nick’s chest as he hugged her, breathing in the scent she knew so well - the natural scent Nick had - the clean, laundry fresh scent that was Nick Carter.
“Shhh…it’s ok,” Nick whispered, rubbing his hand on her back, “Whatever it is, it’ll work out. And whatever it is, I’ll always be here for you, you know that.”
Even if you end up cutting me off because your best friend fell in love with you? Emily wished she could ask.

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