Chapter 9

Emily sighed and returned to her seat on the kitchen table. Honestly, she didn’t think she could spend a night watching Nick and Jessica together.
“It’s Nick, isn’t it?” Emily’s mom asked suddenly.
“What?” Emily asked, surprised.
“You like him,” her mom said simply.
Emily shook her head, “Mom…you’re delusional.”
“Emily, don’t lie to me. I can see it. I see it in your face, in your eyes, every time his name is mentioned, or when he calls. It’s written all over you face, sweetie,” her mom said, an awww-my-daughter's-all-grown-up smile on her face.
Emily groaned, “Okay, okay… I admit it. I like him. Happy?”
“Why haven’t you told him yet?” she asked.
“He’s dating Jessica!!” Emily exclaimed, releasing all her pent up frustration.
“Well then just show him. Open his eyes,” Her mom suggested.
“Huh?” Emily asked quizzically.
“Emily, you two are in love. It’s been obvious to me for a long time now. Ever since Nick came back from tour two months ago, I noticed. He just refuses to admit it. Just like you. And you know why? Cause he’s scared. You two have been best friends ever since you were born. He’s afraid to fall in love with a girl who knows everything about him, all his secrets. And you know what? So are you.”
How did her mother know these things? Emily wondered incredulously.
“Mothers know everything,” Her mother replied to her unasked question, a small smile playing on her lips.
“So what are you saying I should do?” Emily asked.
“Go to Aj’s party tonight,” Her mother said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world.
Well that's the first time she encouraged me to go to one of AJ's wild parties, Emily thought, surprised. “And what help would that bring?” Emily asked sarcastically.
“You, young lady, are going to knock his socks off.”

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