Chapter 1

Best friends...together again

Trista pulled up to the old plantation house that she had known all her life. She parked her Mustang by the old hickory tree and stepped out into the sweet Georgia air. Ever since she was little, her family and the Carter family had meet here, staying in two separate houses only a few 100 yards apart. Trista's grandfather had owned the first plantation house and met Mr. Charles Carter when he arrived a long time ago. They became best friends and meet at these houses every summer. As time went by, they started bringing their families. Trista smiled as she looked at the hickory tree. Nick and her had climbed that many times. Even though he was a Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter always found time to come to the plantation to spend some of the summer with Trista. Writing letters and making sure each one was there at the houses every summer became a ritual. They had been best friends since Trista could remember. The memory of the first day they met, when they were 6 years old, flooded into her head.

Trista remembered sitting in the big chair in the living room and refusing to move. She didn't wanna go to see the people that had dragged her from her friends.

Suddenly her mom had lead a little blonde hair, blue-eyed boy into the room. He walked in front of her and smiled, "Hi! My name's Nick! Wanna come out and play?" the little boy asked. Trista just shook her head. "Well, if you think you can't climb that hickory tree in your yard, then....."
"I didn't say that I couldn't." Trista said to him.
"Then come out and climb it. I bet you can't." the little Nick dared her.
"No." Trista crossed her arms again and shook her head.
"I said you couldn't and I was right." The little blonde hair boy said with a grin.
"I can too." Trista agrued. She then jumped from the chair and they ran outside and climbed the tree and sat up in the branches.
"So,what's your name?" Nick asked swinging his legs.
"Trista." she replied more cheerfully.
They stayed there and talked for hours until their moms yelled for them to come out of the tree. Trista even remember the summer that Nick became a Backstreet Boy. It was when they were 13. She remembered him taking her hands, "Trista, I got a record deal with the guys!" he told her with excitiment. Trista was excited too. And to celebrate, Nick came over to her house about midnight and they both snuck out to go to their favorite place in the woods.

Trista smiled as she grabbed her backpack and walked up the front wooden stairs. Her mother and other family members had arrived before her because of school. Trista had a marching contest and couldn't leave until after.
"I bet this is the first time that Nick gets here before I do." Trista said softly to herself. She reached the screen door and opened it, "Hello!" She cried through the house.
"In here sweetie." her mom answered from the kitchen. Trista sat her backpack at the foot of the stairs and walked toward the kitchen. It had been too long since she had been through the halls of the old house. She swung open the door and walked in. Her mom and Jane Carter sat at a table laughing, "Trista! What did you guys get?" her mom, Frieda asked as she stood and hugged her daughter. At the sight of Jane, Trista couldn't contain her excitment to ask her if Nick was there.
"We got a first divison Mom. We did really great." Trista said.
Jane stood and hugged the tall, blonde 19 year old girl, "How are you darling?" she asked.
"I'm fine. How are you?" Trista asked as she pulled away.
"I'm doing good too. Goodness, you've changed over a whole year. Nick sure will be surprised." Jane complemented.
"By the way..." Trista started.
"He was in his room playing Mario Kart with Aaron when I came over here. He got here last night." Jane finshed for her. Trista smiled and ran out of the kitchen.

Trista walked up the front steps and knocked on the screen door.
"Come on in." Bob Carter said from the living room. Trista slowly walked in the house and ran her hand through her long blonde hair. She walked into the living room. In front of the T.V. , Bob sat with his youngest daughter, Angel, playing Speed. At the sight of Trista, Angel jumped up from her spot and ran to her. Trista caught her in a hug.
"Hi Trista!" Angel said cheerfully as she pulled away.
"Hey Angel. You've grown alot." Trista replied kneeling down and putting her hand above the girl's head.
"Yep. You wanna play with me and Dad?" she asked.
"Well, I thought I would go see that silly brother of yours." Trista smiled looking at Bob. Bob smiled back.
"Which one?" Angel asked back as she sat down. Trista laughed and started toward the steps. She got to the top and followed the sounds of the two boys cheering as they played. Trista shook her head as she continued.

Nick placed his controller on the floor after another victory over his little brother.
"It's not fair! I've only beat you once!" Aaron complained crossing his arms.
Nick laughed, "You've got alot to learn Shorty." Nick replied, resetting the game.
"Don't call me that Nicky." Aaron shot back with a smile.
Nick looked at his brother, "Do not call me Nicky."
"You think after a few years that you guys would learn to get along." Trista said leaning against the door with her arms crossed.
"Hey Trista!" Aaron called as he stood and gave her a hug.
"Hey Aaron." she replied. Nick slowly stood taking in her every feature. Oh my God. She's changed so much. Nick thought as he looked her over from head to toe. His best friend had changed very much over one year. Her hair had grown longer and her eyes were just........
"Nick are you gonna stand there or are you gonna at least say hi?" Trista asked bringing him back to realilty.
"Oh, yeah." Nick said walking over to her. He put his arms around her in a hug. She squeezed him tightly. It had been so long and she had missed him sooo much.
"I've missed you." Nick said softly in her ear as if reading her mind.
"I've missed you too." she replied.
"Trista, you think you could beat Nick for me in Mario Kart?" Aaron asked her with pleading eyes.
Trista pulled away from Nick and smiled at the little boy, "Of course."
"Oh, now you're declaring war on me!" Nick said sitting by her on the floor.
"No, just challenging you to a friendly game of Mario Kart." Trista replied winking at him. He smiled.

"Turn it up, cut it loose, 'cause baby I just cooked your goose." Trista teased as she danced around in her spot on the floor.
"I can't believe that you beat me again." Nick frowned.
"I can, now come on,it's time for dinner. We're eating at Trista's." Jane said as she stood in the doorway.
"Cool. Don't take too long guys." Aaron smiled as he walked out of the room behind Jane. Trista sat her controller down and laid back onto the floor. Nick followed and it was silent as they stared at the ceiling.
"So, what do you wanna do for our first night here?" Nick asked looking over at her.
Trista shrugged, "Surprise me." she said smiling at him.
"Oh, well, didn't know that you liked surprises. I'll remember that." he answered looking back up at the ceiling. Trista sighed and looked back up. It feels so good to be around him again, Trista thought.
"Will you two get down over here to this house and help us with dinner?" Trista's brother Adam called from her house. Trista and Nick laughed. They both stood and walked out onto the porch outside Nick's room.
"We haven't climbed down these proches since I was 15." Trista looked over the railing at the ground.
"Well let's go then." Nick said giving her that daring look. They always did dares and stuff together. If one did a dare, the other felt it only fair for them to give it a try. Nick started climbing down the side of the porch, Trista following. Nick jumped to the ground and looked up. Trista eased her way down and Nick grabbed her waist to help her down. When she reached the ground, he turned her to face him.
"Thanks," she said softly.
"No problem." Nick smiled. Trista then turned and walked toward her house.
"Come on, the tour didn't drain you that much did it Nicky?" Trista teased.
"Oh, now you're going to pay!" Nick yelled and took off running. Trista laughed and ran her self. They raced into her house like little kids and into the kitchen, where Trista separated herself from Nick with the counter in the middle of the room. "Alright kids, don't run in the house." Frieda said as she stirred something on the stove. Trista laughed as she slowly circled the counter, Nick always across from her.
"Try to catch me Nicky."
"Don't worry I will Trissy." Nick teased back. Trista eyed him. She hated that name as much as he did Nicky and he was the only one that would call her that. He had given it to her when they were 10 and always used it as a comeback. Frieda laughed at them and Nick smiled and ran over to Trista. She screamed and darted out of the kitchen.
"Hi Dad!" Trista said quickly dashing up the stairs.
"Hi, Mr.Lutgring." Nick said quickly, darting after her. Mr. Lutgring shook his head. Trista ran down the hall and into her room, but Nick got there before she could shut the door.
"Oh, no Trissy." Nick said. She laughed and he grabbed her and pinned her to the floor. "I forgot Trissy, are you tickalish?" he asked.
"Oh, please, Nicky don't." Trista begged.
"Too late." He said as he started to tickle her sides.
"Nick....please........stop!" Trista yelled between her laughs.
"Oh, you called me Nicky. Your punishment is to be tickled." Nick grinned as he tickled her even more. Trista continued to laugh.
"Stop...or...I'll.........." she threatened between her laughs.
"Oh Trista, you're not in a postion to do anything now are you?" he asked smiling.
"Okay okay!" she screamed for mercy.
"Promise you won't call me that again?" Nick asked continuing to tickle her.
"I promise!" Trista yelled. Accepting her answer, Nick stopped and Trista pushed him over on his back and pinned him, "Don't call me Trissy." she stated pointing at him.
"Alright." he said laughing. Trista sat back onto her knees and Nick sat up. They sat there for a little while. "I have to leave next week." Nick said softly as he looked at the floor.
"What?" Trista asked stunned. "Yeah, tour this year is packed and I only could get this week off." There was another silence.
"I wish you could stay longer," Trista said looking at the floor also, her hair falling from her shoulders.
Nick took a finger and lifted her chin, "I know, I wish I could too." She looked at him with eyes so sad, he wished he could fill them with happiness again.
"Hey you two 3 year olds! Supper is ready!" Jane called from downstairs. Nick stood and reached for Trista's hand to pull her up. They both wallked down the hall and stairs and to the picnic table outside.

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