Chapter 10

Now the fun begins

Trista fixed the headset that held her mircophone and then took a deep breath. It wasn't that she hadn't heard or seen these guys perform live before, Nick had often dragged her to concerts when they came to her home town, or flew her to a near by city, but she had never performed with them and that was enough to make her stomach fill with butterflies. Earlier, Nick and her went over the parts she would be singing in the song that they had chosen, just for practice, 'I Want It That Way'. It was a little scary for Trista to be doing this... will she screw up? Will they think she sounds horrible? There were sooo many things rushing through her head, but Nick laughed at her and just told her to relax, they were just singing. The events of last night and in the morning hadn't occured to either of them. They just acted as best friends, like they had always done.
"Ok guys, we'll just sing and then find Fatima to do the whole show," Kevin said walking towards them, putting on his wireless microphone. They all nodded and Aaron ran over to the stereo. Trista and Nick's families were all there. Just what I need. It's enough that I'm singing with these guys, but also in front of mine AND Nick's family, Trista thought with a shudder.
"Is everyone ready?" Brian asked. With a nod from everyone, Brian turned to Aaron, "Alright Shorty."
Aaron smiled and pressed the play button.

A.J. sang the opening and Brian began his singing, "You are... my fire, the one desire, believe.....when I say I want it that way." Trista then took a step forward and started to sing, " But we... are two worlds apart... Can't reach to your heart, when you say... that I want it that way... Tell me why." They all joined in for the chorus and finished the song perfectly. When the music ended everyone stood and clapped. Trista closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She smiled with excitment. She could tell by the guys' faces that they were impressed. After everyone had settled down, the guys all huddled in a group and started to talk in low whispers.
"She's terrific! This is just what we need," Howie whispered.
"She's it. She's perfectly in tune with us and knows all the words, came in on the right time..She is it," A.J. said.
"Alright. All in favor of letting her sing say I," Brian said. "I" came from every group member and with that they turned back to Trista. Kevin walked up to her and Trista took another deep breath.
"Trista, we would be honored if you would sing with us Friday night at the concert," Kevin said.
"Oh my god, of course I'll sing with you guys," Trista said excitdly.
"Alright." A.J. said as he walked up to Trista and gave her a high five.
"Let's go find Fatima and see what she has planned out," Howie said walking back to the tour bus. They all started walking off and Nick walked up to Trista. They gave each other a hug.
"I can't believe this! I'm going to get to sing with you guys!" Trista said excitedly.
"I know. It's like..." Nick started.
"So, absoultely cool!" Trista finished.

The whole day had drained Trista and she trugded up the stairs for some much wanted rest. They had all worked on the show the whole day and she started to learn the moves and parts she would sing to 'Everybody (Backstreet's Back).' Trista yawned walking into her room and fell onto her bed.
"God, this is so much harder than it looks," she said. Trista had went through the moves over and over again, and was now just getting the hang of all of it.
Alli knocked on her door and walked in, "Hey there superstar. What's up?"
"I am so worn out!" Trista whined as Alli sat on the edge of the bed.
"I can tell. So how are things between you and Nick?" Alli asked.
"Well, I think that I'm just gonna tell him flat out that I wanna be just friends," Trista said truthfully.
"What?!" Alli almost yelled.
"Look, I got carried away last night. What happened was something that I didn't want to happen and I just am going to tell him that I wanna be friends," Trista answered with a harmless shrugg.
"Oh really?" Alli asked angrily.
"Look Alli, I was just so tired of Justin, that I couldn't help it. It's fun to be around Nick. Although Justin is kinda fun himself," Trista said sitting up.
"So, you're gonna tell Nick that you 'just wanna be friends' and then run into Justin's arms?" Alli asked again.
"No, I'm not gonna run into Justin's arms. It's just that today taught me how much I love Nick as a friend and nothing more. If we go out, I couldn't bring myself to tell him some of the things I tell him now," Trista replied.
"Alright. If you think that that is the right thing to do, then by all means. But just know this, if you tell Nick that and Justin finds out, then he will be all over you and Nick will propably be mad at you from now till the end of time. And you know it," Alli stated and stomped out of the room angrily. Trista clenched her fists angrily. She threw a pillow at a picture of her and Nick on the wall angrliy and started to cry, not knowing if she was mad at him, Alli or herself.

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