Chapter 11

Basketball anyone?

Nick threw the basketball over to Brian as the five guys walked over to Trista's basketball court. After a long day of practicing, they deciced to play some basketball.
"So, how are things between you and Trista?" Brian asked, twirling the basketball on his finger.
"Well, I think we're just going to be friends," Nick aswered simpily. They rest of them looked at him in shock.
"What?" A.J. asked astionished.
"Chill you guys," Nick started with a little laugh, "I found out today how much fun it is to be her friend and some of the things we'll lose if we go out." Nick answered as he jumped over the fence.
"What about all of the things that you would gain if you went out?" Brian asked with a smile. The guys laughed. Nick pushed Brian slightly.
"Very funny B-Rok. But really, I think that we're just going to be friends," Nick answered.
"And your just gonna do that and let her run to Justin?" Kevin asked.
"I won't like it, but if she likes him, then I'll live with it. I mean she is my best friend, Nick replied.
"Ok, whatever amigo. But don't say that we didn't warn you, A.J. replied as they got into teams to play.

Trista had heard the guys come over and start playing basketball, and after about 20 minutes, the guys start whispering and Trista couldn't hear them. She didn't really pay any attention, but then Nick yelled up at her, "Hey, Trista! You wanna play basketball?" Trista walked onto the porch and walked to the side.
"I guess, why??" she asked back.
"I bet I can beat you," he challenged.
"Ohh.." the other guys say while some laughed.
"You do???" Trista asked.
"I do," He smiled back.
"Hey, I say if Nick wins, then Trista has to sing a song of Nick's choice to him," A.J. said with a grin.
"And what if I win?" she asked.
"Then I tell you, on my knees, that you're a better basketball player than I am," Nick answered. Everyone sat in silence for about 5 seconds.
"You're on," Trista said confidently. The rest of the guys started cheering as Trista raced down stairs.
"You can beat him Trista!" Frieda called from the kitchen and Trista smiled. The other guys were sitting on the fence and Nick was standing on the court. Trista walked up to him and he handed her the ball.
"Ladies first," he said.
"Yeah whatever," Trista said taking the ball.

After about another 20 minutes Trista and Nick were about finshed with him at 34, her 33. "Your ball," he said.
"You've got 20 seconds," Brian said glancing at his watch, "Go!"
Trista hit the ball, signaling the start, and then dribbled past Nick and tried an easy lay-up, but Nick hit it out of court.
"It's her ball Nick you hit it out," Kevin said while the others tried not to laugh.
"Yeah, Nick..." she smiled while wiping the sweat from her forehead.
He smiled, "No worries, I've got this game won."
"10 seconds guys," Howie warned them as Trista started the game again. She moved to the left and Nick followed, but she then jerked to the right.
"5...4...3," Brian started counting. Trista shot the 3 when Brian said zero and it went in. The other Boys started cheering. Trista tried to catch her breath as she walked up to Nick.
"Okay Nicky, on your knees," she said. He looked at her and smiled.
"Alright, we made a bet, it's only fair," he replied.
"Hee hee hee,." A.J. said rubbing his hands together as Nick took Trista's hand, then laughed and dropped it. Nick then took a deep breath and took her hand again.
"Where's my camera!" Brian yelled and Nick laughed, shook his head and dropped her hand. Everyone was laughing and Trista looked at all of them.
"Shhhhh! He'll never do it if you guys keep laughing," she said with a laugh. They laughed a little and some said Shhhh! again and it was quiet as Nick got on one knee, and looked up at her.
"Trista, you are a better basketball player than I am," he said sarcasticly. The guys broke out in laughter and Nick stood. Trista stood there laughing. "You think that was funny, did you?" Nick asked, trying not to smile. Trista tried not to laugh.
"Yeah, it was," she replied.
"Well it's too bad nobody had a camera because he'll never do that again," Brian said a little disappointed.
"Yeah, but it was still hilarous," A.J said holding his sides with laughter.
"Ha, that's where you're all wrong!" Alli said from the porch. Everyone looked over at her. She sat on the porch railing and in her hand she was waving around a camera. "I got about a dozen pictures on your camera Trista," Alli said with a smile.
"Oh, you give that camera to me," Nick said running up to her to get it, Trista on his heels.
"Trista, catch!" Alli laughed as Nick raced up the stairs. The camera flew through the air and Trista caught it and raced off.
"Run Trista! Run!" Brian yelled while everyone laughed.
"This isn't fair," Nick said jumping off the porch and racing after her.
"Kevin, catch!" Trista yelled as Nick ran infront of her. Trista threw the camera over Nick's head and Kevin caught it with little trouble. That's when Nick stopped.
"Alright, you win," he said falling to the ground exhausted. Everyone laughed and Kevin threw the camera back to Trista. She caught it with one hand and knelt infont of Nick.
"I'm gonna love showing these to all my friends at school," she said, waving the camera infront of his face.
"Ha, ha. Funny," Nick said with a tired smile.
Through all of their fun, the group failed to notice the dark clouds, and the sudden burst of thunder brought it to all of their attentions.
"You guys better get inside. The Weather Channel said it's gonna get pretty bad," Frieda called from the porch. Trista and Alli ran toward the house.
"See-ya guys later!" Trista called. They all waved and said bye while Brian helped Nick up.
"You need to work on your game bro," he said with a laugh. They all laughed and ran back to Nick's house.

Trista ran her fingers through her wet hair. Her mom and dad had went over to Nick's to talk with his parents and Adam went to visit a friend in town. Alli sat on Trista's bed and crinkled her nose while she thought. Trista saw her friend's face in the mirror and turned around and looked at her, "What are you up to now Alli?"
"Well, I was just wondering what evidence these pictures would have," Alli answered studying the camera.
"What do you mean by 'evidence'?" Trista asked confused.
"Evidence that you and Nick really do like each other," Alli said smiling as she still looked over the camera.
"Oh god Alli, don't start this again," Trista begged taking the camera and setting it on her dresser.
"Hey, I wasn't done. Anyway, I didn't just take pictures of him on one knee, and you have to admit, that was kinda cute," Alli said with a shrug.
"Whatever. Hey, you used all of my film. Now I'm going to have to pick some up in town Friday," Trista said.
"And get that one developed," Alli added.
"Yeah," Trista said sitting back down next to her.
"So, like I was saying..." Alli started but Trista held up a hand.
"Please Alli. Let's not talk about it now," she pleaded.
"Alright, whatever," Alli said innocently, "G'night."
"G'night," Trista said. Alli shut the the door and Trista rolled over and sighed. She then smile remembering how much fun she had just had.

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