Chapter 14

A different kinda of view

Nick stared at the ceiling in his bedroom. The night before had really drained him of any energy that he had. He then smiled remembering the smile on Trista's face when they won and how much fun she had during the performance. Nick shifted the pillow under his head and yawned. He then frowned. The group would have to leave tomorrow to go back on tour and he would have to go with them. One more day to live with Trista. I've got to talk about this with her, he thought to himself. Nick yawned again and glanced at his watch and rolled his eyes as he sat up. It was 10:30 and he knew he over slept. Getting dressed really quick and fixing his hair, Nick rushed down stairs. He went into the kitchen to find his mom cleaning up.
She looked at him and gave him a tired smile, "Hun, you sure did pick the time to get up. Everyone..."
"Just finshed I know. I'm not that hungry anyway. Where are the guys?" he asked, grabbing a piece of toast.
"Went to play basketball over at Trista's," Jane replied.
"Thanks mom. See-ya later," Nick said and raced out of the kitchen.
Jane shooked her head, "That child of mine is always running."

Nick jumped over the fence in one quick movement, not breaking his stride as he ran across his yard.
"Hey looky who decided to finally wake up!" Brian smirked as he grabbed the basketball.
"Sorry guys, I was just thinking by myself for awhile," Nick said, walking onto the court.
"About that one person?" Howie asked knowingly.
"Yeah. Have you guys seen her this morning?" Nick asked. Everyone looked at each other. A.J. cleared his throat and Brian stared at the ground.
"Well, um... Justin stopped by this morning and they went out for breakfast," A.J. replied hesitatingly. Nick looked at the ground.
"Oh. You guys think.." Nick started but Brian put an arm around him and smiled a little.
"Come on cheer up bro! They just went to breakfast. What's the worst that could happen?"
"You did really great last night," Justin commented as they walked out of the little cafe that they had had breakfast in.
"Thanks, you guys were really good too," Trista replied as they walked down the dock that was near the cafe. Trista sipped her coffee as they both sat down on they dock and it was silent. It killed Justin that she was so quiet.
"So, Trista. I have to leave tomorrow and I was wondering if you would like to go to a dance club with me and the guys before we leave," Justin said. Trista sipped her coffee thoughtfully and then turned to him with sad eyes, "I wish I could, really, but Nick's leaving tomorrow and our moms probably have this big thing planned and I don't want to miss it," she replied and then kissed his cheek, "Thanks for inviting me though."
"It's cool. You’re welcome," he replied, smiling at her faintly.
"Are you upset?" she asked looking at him. Justin stared out at the water.
"No, I'm not upset with you. I can understand that you want to be with your best friend before he leaves," he answered and then stood. Justin smiled down at Trista and held out a hand to help her up. She took it and pulled herself up.
"I was hoping you would understand," she replied hopefully and they started to walk back to his truck.
I can't believe it! He's not even planning to detroy my life but does anyway!!!! But wait, I have an idea... yeah.. now Nick Carter is going down!! Justin thought as a smirk spread across his face. (AN: I don't know if Justin is evil, but I'm sorry if I've offended any of you. It's just with the story, it gets better.)

"I've got to talk to her you guys, but I don't know where to start, what to say to her," Nick said as he shot the basketball.
"How's about starting from the beginning... that's always a good place," A.J. said with a smile.
Nick looked at him with an annoyed look, "This isn't funny A.J."
"Yeah you're right. Sorry," A.J. replied and shot the ball.
"Just tell her the truth, that would work too," Kevin suggested as he picked up the ball and threw it to Brian.
"Yeah, I guess so," Nick said with a shrug. Trista had been out with Justin basically all morning and Nick was getting just a bit nervous.
"You shouldn't really worry that much about it. I mean, you should just say what you feel and get it out of the way," Howie said, catching the ball and shooting.
"Easier said than done D," Nick replied.
"Well, here's your chance," A.J. said, motioning toward a truck that came down the driveway. Nick bit his lower lip as the truck stopped and Trista jumped out. Justin waved and then turned around and took off down the driveway.
"Good Morning, or should I say afternoon?" Trista asked as she looked at her watch.
"Good afternoon. At least I think," Howie said with a shrug. Trista laughed and looked around for Nick.
"Hey.... where's Nick at?" she asked looking around the court.
"He went over to the porch just as you got out," Brian replied in a quiet tone. Trista's smile suddenly disappeared and she nodded, then slowly walked over to the porch.

Nick didn't look up at her as she sat by him.
"Hey, what's up?" she asked. He took a deep breath and then looked at her. "What?" Trista asked again when she saw the hurt look in his eyes.
"Well... Trista, we need to talk," he replied nervously.
“Okay," Trista said hesitatingly.
"I've been thinking about this whole week," Nick started.
"Look, Nick what is there to talk about? We both let our emotions get out of hand and we need to put it behind us," she replied and then stood, "Right?" she asked. Nick nodded slightly.
"Yeah," he whispered and slowly walked back to his house, head down.
"Nick, it didn't mean anything to you did it?" Trista asked. She wanted to talk about it too, but something told her that all it was was their emotions getting out of hand.
"I'll see you later Trista," he just said as he walked past the other guys and over to his house.
"Nick," Trista called, but he gave no answer.

Nick trudged into the house and Leslie put down her magazine.
"Hey Nick, what's wrong?" she asked. Nick didn't answer and walked up the stairs. Leslie leaned forward and watched her older brother wearily climb the stairs. Leslie got up from the couch and silently followed behind him. Nick walked into his room and shut the door. He laid down on the bed and clutched a pillow tightly. "Nick?" Leslie asked softly as she opened the door.
"Please leave Les. I'm not in a mood to talk," Nick replied and put his face down on the pillow.
"Did you guys talk?" she asked.
"No, she doesn't want to talk. She thinks it's just one big mistake," Nick said, the pillow muffling his voice a little.
"Are you okay though?" Leslie asked concerned.
"Yeah. Just peachy," Nick said. Leslie then retreated from the room. She hated seeing her brother hurt like this.
"I'm going to fix this. It's making me sick the more I sit and think about it," she said to herself and raced down the hall and stairs.

Brian stopped abruptly as Leslie stormed down the stairs. "Where's Nick? What's wrong?" he asked concern filling his voice.
"Talk to him Brian. He needs a friend right now. In the mean time, I'm going to give Trista a piece of my mind," Leslie said and dashed out of the house. Brian had to smile at her determination.
"Reminds me of Nick," he mumbled and proceeded to climb the stairs.

Trista sat on her bed, her head in her hands. "What have I done?" she asked herself as she shook her head. Suddenly, someone came bounding down the hallway and Trista's door flew open. Leslie walked in, her faced filled with concern and her eyes had a touch of anger in them.
"What's wrong Leslie? Is it Nick?" Trista asked concerned.
"Yeah it's Nick. Trista, we need to talk," Leslie said and shut the door.
"Look Leslie..." Trista started while standing up.
"Sit down Trista. I need to tell you some things," Leslie said sternly, pushing Trista back to the bed.

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