Chapter 3

The Midnight Run

The two friends pulled up to the garage and parked the four-wheelers and started walking back to her house. The sun was starting to set and they both sat on the porch and talked.
"Oh and remember that time me and you took that video camera..." Trista said about an hour later as she laughed.
"And walked in on Adam and Michelle!! Oh, yeah! That was so funny," Nick said laughing with her.
They both stopped and stared at the stars when Frieda opened the screen door, "I think you better go get some sleep Nick. She'll have you running all day tomorrow."
Nick laughed, "I guess you're right." Trista eyed her mom and Frieda disappeared into the house.
"G'night," Trista said, standing.
Nick took her hand and kissed it, like he did everytime before he left her, "G'night." He let go and her hand fell to her side as he walked across the yard. Trista smiled and turned around to find her mom in the door.
"Mom!" Trista said shocked. Frieda smiled as Trista walked in.
"You wanna know what I think?" she asked.
"Go ahead mom," Trista said stopping at the stairs and looking at her mom.
"I think that you and Nick are in love," Frieda said knowingly.
"No mom, we aren't. It's just in your head. G'night," she replied and continued up the stairs. Frieda shook her head.
"No sweetie, It's just in your head," she said silently, walking toward her room.

Trista came out of the bathroom in her matching shirt and black shorts and opened the door to the porch. She looked out the screen door as she put her hair up. She saw Nick's light still on and smiled. Trista turned toward her bed and climbed in. She reached up and flipped off the lamp. She rested her head on the pillow and stared up at the cieling. Trista heard the crickets chirp and started to fall asleep to the familiar sounds of summer. Her eyes started to close shut when someone shook her.
"Huh?" she said.
"Shhhh," Nick's voice said as he pushed back a piece of hair from her eyes.
"What are you doing here?" she asked softly sitting up.
Nick sat on the edge of her bed and smiled, "You told me to surprise you." She looked at him and noticed that he was in a pair of blue shorts and blue t-shirt.
"With what?" Trista asked.
"Well, I thought that we might go throw a football around a bit and talk," Nick answered.
"Really?" Trista asked excitedly.
"Yeah. Come on, before we get caught," Nick said grabbing her hand.
They walked out onto the porch and climbed down the side. They reached the soft wet grass and looked around. Little lighting bugs flashed all around them. Trista smiled and looked over at Nick.
"So are we gonna stand here all night?" she asked. Nick smiled and they both ran out into the yard. They started throwing the ball to each other and talking about alot of things.
"Come on Nick, stop goofing around and throw the ball," Trista said putting her hands on her hips.
"So, you want this ball do ya?" Nick challenged.
Trista sighed, "Nick just throw the ball."
"Ok, but I bet you couldn't get past me," Nick stated with a smile.
"Really?" Trista asked challenged by his statement. He smiled and threw the ball in the air. Trista stepped back and caught it. She then started running forward past him ,but Nick grabbed her by the waist and swung her around. They laughed as Trista hit his arm.
"Let me go Nick!" she said.
"Nope," he replied smiling.
"I almost had a touchdown, it's not fair!! Let me go," Trista stated laughing harder.
"Not till you promise that we will always be friends," Nick said not losing his grip.
"Why would I have to tell you that?" she asked as she stopped squriming and looked back at him.
"Because I just want you too," he said looking back at her with gentle eyes. Trista's heart ached inside. She had this uncontrollable urge to kiss him, but held herself back. The only thing she didn't know was that Nick felt the same thing.
"I promise that we will always be friends," she said softly. Nick smiled. Trista leaned toward him, but stopped herself.
"G'night Nick," she said, pulling away from him. Nick tapped the hand that he held.
"G'night," Nick started as she walked away, "Trissy."

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