Chapter 5

An Unexpected Surprise

Trista kissed him back and wrapped her arms around his neck. Nick put his hands around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Trista wanted to keep kissing, but didn't want this to happen. Nick ran one hand through her hair and Trista just gave in. His kiss is so sweet and gentle, she thought, enjoying every second of it.
"Hello!" Alli interupted their kissing, banging on the door. Nick slowly pulled away, leaving a sweet feeling on Trista's lips. They didn't move, they just stared.
Nick then licked his lips, "I think I'm gonna like strawberries a lot more now." Trista laughed and rested her forehead on his chest.
"Am I all alone here? Hello! Are you guys in there?" Alli yelled through the door.
"We better let her in before she breakes down the door." Nick answered as he walked away. Trista sighed and then sat on her bed as Alli was let into the room.
"Thank you." Alli said desperately.
"Well, I better go back over and call Brian and see what he is up to." Nick said walking back over to Trista. He took her hand and she smiled at him gently, "I'll c-ya later," he kissed her hand and then walked out of the room. Alli shut the door behind him.
"What just happened before I came into this room?" Alli asked softly as she sat down beside her best friend.
"Something I'll really regret," Trista replied putting her face in her hands.
"What?" Alli asked putting an arm around her shoulders.
"We kissed. Alli, he is my best friend. I don't wanna ruin that," Trista replied looking at her.
"Obviously he has other plans," Alli stated.
"I just can't take this," Trista said.
"Why regret it? It's plain as daylight that you love him and he loves you," Alli said. Trista just shook her head and laid down on her bed. Alli stood and walked out of the room. It's time to get things straight, she thought as she walked out of the house and towards Nick's house.

"So, you kissed her?" Brian asked.
"Yeah. It was like an uncontrollable urge that I just couldn't ignore," Nick answered as he threw a basketball in the air and caught it while craddling the telephone.
"So...." Brian trailed off.
"So what? How was it?" Nick asked back knowing what his friend meant.
"Yeah. So how was it?" Brian asked again.
"Oh man, Bri, it was almost perfect. It was sweet and gentle and it...." Nick trailed off, licking his lips remebering the taste that Trista's lip gloss had left.
"It what?" Brian asked.
"It tasted like strawberries," Nick said laughing.
"Oh Frack, I think you are head over heels for your best friend," Brian replied laughing a little.
"What?! I don't think so. It was just a kiss. Wasn't even suppose to happen," Nick declared throwing the ball in the air again.
"Face it, Nick. You're in denial about it," Brian answered. Nick thought about what Brian had said. Maybe I am, Nick thought.
"You really think so?" he asked.
"Bro, you talk about her constantly on tour and are depressed when you can't call her. Classic scenerio of love," Brian answered matter-of-factly.
"I guess I can't argue with that," Nick replied.
"Nope. I speak the truth. Nickolas Carter, you are in love with Trista Lutgring."

Alli climbed the stairs and knocked on the screen door. A little blonde haired boy, about 12 years old came to the door. He looked at her very carefully.
"Hello," he said in an unknowing tone of voice.
Alli knelt down on one knee, "Hi, my name's Alli and I was wondering if I can talk to Nick?"
The little boy turned around, "Nick! Some girl's here to see you!"
"Okay, be down in a minute," Nick called from upstairs and the little boy turned back around and opened the door for Alli.
"Come on in," he said.
"Thanks," Alli said with a cheerful smile. Aaron smiled back as Nick walked down the stairs.
"Oh, hey Alli. What's up?" he asked, leading her into the living room.
"Well, it's Trista. She feels really bad about something and won't tell me," she lied, hoping to get something out of him.
"Really?" Nick asked, a little nervous as he sat on the couch, Alli following.
"Yeah, so what happened?" Alli asked.
"Well, we kinda of kissed," Nick answered. Alli looked at him and said nothing. She then leaned forward.
"Why don't you two go out?" Alli asked.
"Because .......she's my best friend and I don't want to ruin that," Nick said, noticing a Dodge ram pull up in Trista's driveway. What is up with them both saying that, Alli thought rolling her eyes.
"Who is that?" Nick asked walking over to a window. Alli looked over his shoulder. "Come on," he said and they walked out of the house.

"Everybody groove to the music, everybody jam........" Brian's voice boomed out of Trista's CD player. She had put in the CD to relax and so far all it had done was bring back memories. Nick had told her all about this song when they were 15. He had such excitment in his eyes, and couldn't hardly wait. Trista smiled, and her guilt and anger for Nick had disappeared. She looked out her window and her smiled disapppeared. A red Dodge Ram had just pulled up.
"Who in the...." Trista said out loud and paused the music. She then raced down stairs and ahead of her mom out of the front door. Trista ran down the stairs and stopped infront of the truck. She looked over to her left and saw Alli and Nick coming from his house. Nick gave her a wierd look. Trista shrugged. Why do I recgonize that truck? Nick thought. Suddenly his question was answered as Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez stepped out of the truck and Trista gasped.

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