Chapter 6

Red Hot Anger

Trista's hand went over her mouth and Nick looked at the 'N Syncers evily. Oh, my god..Why are they here? Nick thought angrily as he quickened his pace. Justin shut his door and looked around as JC came around.
"Ummmm, hello. Can I help you?" Trista asked nervously dropping her hand by her side. Justin looked over at her and smiled.
"Hello. My name is Justin and this is JC," Justin replied motioning to JC. He smiled and Trista nodded her head. Justin found the perfect opportunity and walked forward to her.
"And what might your name be?" he asked.
"My name is Trista," she answered with a faint smile.
Justin took her hand and kissed it, "It is a pleasure to meet you Trista." Trista pulled her hand away slowly as Nick walked up to them.
"Justin, what are you doing here?" Nick asked immediately.
"Oh, Nick. What are you doing here?" Justin asked back.
"I believe that I just asked you that question." Nick pointed out. Trista looked at Justin intently as Nick grabbed her arm. She looked over at him and he touched the side of his nose. What's going on? is what it meant. Nick and Trista came up with these types of signals when they couldn't talk because they were in trouble. Trista twirled her hair as Justin gave his answer. Nick nodded and glanced at Justin. It meant that she didn't know and was worried.
"JC and I are lost and looking for Spring Falls," Justin answered looking at Nick angrily as he saw his hand grip Trista's arm.
"Why are you looking for Spring Falls?" Alli asked as she stood on the other side of Trista.
"Well, I didn't catch your name," Justin said looking at her fiercely.
"It's Alli," she said coldly. Justin didn't say anything.
"Well, Alli, we were supposed to meet the rest of the guys there because of the VH1 concert," JC answered poiletly.
"What concert?" Trista asked concered. Justin's eyes sparked with interest. It was obvious to everyone that he liked her.
"Why 'The Battle of The Boy Bands Concert' I'm sure that's why Nick's here. Really Nick, you should be bettering your voice instead of flirting with the fans. Tsk ,Tsk."
Trista looked at Nick. Don't do it, she thought and Nick relaxed.
"Trista is my best friend, Justin and I'm visting her. You really should be working on that Afro, I mean voice of yours too," Nick replied with a smirk. Alli giggled and Trista smiled. Justin looked angrily at Nick and then softened as he looked at Trista. She pointed off to the left.
"Go back down the county road and get back on the highway. Keep going down the highway about a couple of miles and you'll come to the town," Trista replied.
JC nodded and Justin smiled, "Thank you. I hope we meet again Trista. See you from the winner's circle Nicky." Justin then hopped in the truck, started it and sped off. Nick picked up a rock and threw it after them, "God, I'd like to get a hold of him and just....."
"Nick calm down, is it true about the concert?" Trista asked grabbing his shoulders. Nick looked at her and thought.
"Brian didn't say anything about it."
"We need to find out.You have to be at that concert," Alli said.
"You guys are right. Come on, let's go," Nick answered and they followed him to his house.

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