Chapter 9

A Great opportunity

Trista placed a hand on his cheek and kissed his lips gently. Nick didn't move. She was kissing him. She really does like me then, Nick thought as their lips met again for a more passionate kiss. Trista couldn't believe she was doing this. But she loved it so much. His lips were sweet and the kiss was soft and almost perfect. She loved every minute of it and as she ran her hands through his soft blonde hair, the more and more she was glad that she did do it. Nick put one hand on her waist and another on her cheek.
Brian then stood. "I knew it," he said softly. The others laughed as they walked towards Nick's house. Nick pulled away and looked into Trista's blue eyes.
She smiled and bit her lower lip, "We have a problem of doing that don't we?" Nick laughed and kissed her lips. "G'night my Trissy," he said and then started down the steps and across the yard. Trista watched him and walked into the house.
"G'night my Nicky," she said softly and with the biggest smile in the world, ran up the stairs.

Trista put a Milk Dud in her mouth and threw the box to Alli as they sat in Trista's room.
"Ok, Trista, tell me everything," Alli urged popping one in her mouth.
"Well, Justin was fun, but not as much as I had let on," Trista started catching the Milk Duds, "So, I was pretty bored when I showed up here."
"Go on..." Alli urged.
"Well, I said my greets to the rest of the guys and then me and Nick sat on the stairs talking and when he started to leave, he called me Trissy," Trista continued. Alli nodded and Trista then went on. "I got a little mad and called him Nicky and he grabbed me and told me that he would spare me if I said I was sorry. I then said what if I don't and he said he'd tickle me and then I said will you kiss me," Trista said taking another milk dud.
"Oh, Trista bad move," Alli said.
"Not nessecarliy. He got kinda mad and we talked about it and then I started to go in," Trista answered.
"So why did you walk in as if you had just been to heaven and back?" Alli asked curiously.
"Well, I had this urge..." Trista started.
Alli smiled as she jumped up, "I knew it! I just knew it!! You guys are so meant for each other! It had to of been so cute!" Alli said excitedly. Trista smiled. "So,...he kissed you?" Alli asked as she sat closer to Trista.
"Nope," Trista replied as she looked at Alli, "I kissed him."
"Oh my God! You didn't?!" Alli almost screamed as she hugged Trista.

"She kissed you?" Brian asked as if he hadn't seen anything.
"Yep, she kissed me," Nick said with a huge smile as he lay on his back on his bed.
"Alright Nick!" A.J said encouragingly. Nick's smile only grew wider.
"Wow, Nicky. But you know what this means now don't you?" Howie asked.
"What?" Nick asked sitting up.
"Your gonna have to fight Justin," Kevin said. Nick's smile suddenly disappeared. They're right. Justin wants her bad but he isn't gonna get her.

Nick walked down the stairs and headed into the kitchen. All the guys were in there along with Jane and they rest of the kids eating breakfast. Nick smiled at everyone as he walked over to he's seat.
"You know if we didn't have such a huge kitchen, I would litterally go insane," Jane said as she sat a plate of pancakes in front of Nick. Everyone laughed. Nick ate a little and then stood. Jane looked at him curiously. "Are you sick?" she asked.
"No, why?" Nick asked turning around.
"Because you've had a sudden loss in your appeitite," Jane said.
"I'm just not that hungry. I'll see you guys later," Nick answered and ran out of the kitchen. Jane shook her head and sat down in his spot. Brian looked at her.
"You know what's going on right?" he asked with a smile.
Jane smiled and sighed, "Yep."

Nick climbed over the railing and slowly walked across the porch. He looked into Trista's door. She was standing in the middle of her room putting her hair up in a high ponytail as she sang along with 'I Want It That Way.' Nick listened intently as she sang along with his part. She hit every note, knew every word and best of all....... sounded great. I think I've found our performer, Nick thought to himself with a smile on his face. Trista had her back to him and he snuck in. Trista continued to sing,not even knowing that Nick was behind her. He walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist. Trista jumped a little and tried to look behind her,but Nick wouldn't let her.
Trista sighed. "Nick, let me go," she said.
"What do I get out of it?" he asked.
Trista smiled, "The satisfaction that I won't call you that name that you hate so much."
Nick let her go and as she faced him, frowned a little. "Man, I was expecting something better than that," he said. She smiled put her hands on his waist and pulled him near her.
"Really? And what exactly would that be?" she asked with a curious look.
"Well, it wouldn't have that name and it would be something sweet and that I like a lot," Nick answered as she put her arms around his neck.
"Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea now," Trista said. She kissed his lips softly and then walked away towards the bathroom.
"Where you goiong?" Nick asked keeping the door open.
"I have to change into some jeans. I'm not going to walk around all day in sweatpants," Trista said trying to close the door.
"Well, I'll be over at my house with the guys," he said and kissed her lips. She smiled and shut the door.

Nick climbed down the side of the porch and ran over to his house. He met the rest of the guys in the living room.
"So, what's up with you?" A.J. asked as Nick stood in the middle of the room.
"Have we found someone to sing the last number yet?" Nick asked excitedly.
"No, why?" Kevin asked back.
"Well, I think I've found someone," Nick answered. A.J. put down the magazine he was reading, Brian put down the phone he picked up and they all looked at him.
"Who?" Brian asked curiously.
"Well, I heard Trista singing today and she was really great you guys. I think we should let her sing," Nick threw the idea out to all of them and for awhile, but no one said anything.
"Are you sure you're thinking like a professional, or...." Howie started.
"I'm not saying that just because it's Trista. I'm saying it because she is really good and I think we should at least try the idea," Nick said seriously. Brian sighed.
He knew that Nick was serious about this and he stood, "Alright, but if she isn't..."
"She is Bri, trust me." Nick said.
Trista walked into the living room and put her hands in the back pockets of her shorts, "Hey guys, what's up?"
"Trista, do you like to sing?" A.J. asked standing up and walking up beside Brian.
"Yeah, doesn't everyone?" Trista asked with a worried tone. What is going on? she thought as Howie and Kevin stood too.
"Well, we need someone to sing with us on our last number and we were wondering how good you sing?" Howie explained with a shrug.
"I guess I'm pretty good. I really wouldn't know," Trista replied, hesitating.
"Fatima's suppose to come today and work with us on the layout of the show," Brian started and there was a honk in the drive way. "And there are the equipment guys. So, before she comes, we can do a song," Brian said and he, Howie, Kevin and A.J. walked out of the house. Trista turned to Nick and punched him in the shoulder playfully.
"You put this idea in their heads didn't you?" Trista said as she smiled.
"Me? No, they just came up with it all on their own and I went along with it. Listen, Trista, you're my best friend, trust me, it'll be fun," Nick said to her as they both walked outside to help the guys.

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