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These pictures may take a while to load...but as we all know, patience is a virtue.

Backstage...he looks pretty freaky in this one with the red-eye and all.

Backstage again...ooh lookit - SHINY! LOL

Signing autographs backstage...

Leslie opening up for Aaron.

Leslie singing 'Open Arms'

Leslie signing autographs...

More autographs...

Posing for me...such a sweetie. =)

Liiiiife is a PARTYYYYY!

Busting it out like big bro Nicky!

Yes it's a Carter butt...not as good as Nick's, but in a few years...LOL

Aren't the ribbons pretty?

Jamming with the guitarist.

Showing off his gymnastic skills...he did this TWICE that night. =) granite. (i couldn't HELP IT!!)

Leslie and Jane (behind the guy in the middle) enjoying the show.

What is with those Carter boys and ripped shirts?

Beat Box...

More of the ripped shirt...

What a cutie =)


Cause That's How I Beat Shaq!


Walking around...

Yes, he wants FIVE girls to go onstage with him.

He's looking for ME, duh!

Gotta scream if you wanna go up!

Told ya drummers were hot.

Aaron and Leslie taking their bows...see ya!