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I only got ONE entry...man i feel pathetic now. LOL But thanks to Shann for sending something in so i don't feel AS pathetic (see, this is a girl who rocks LOL)

Name: Shann

Luckily I was awake till 5 o'clock in the morning, so I heard the news pretty quickly considering I live in Canada too. After watching AJ's anouncment about 5 times on each news channel, I went to my computer to watch the interview on MTV. I didn't cry, and in some way I don't feel like a devoted fan because I didn't. Because I didn't break down in tears doesn't mean that I wasn't feeling sad. Everything went through my head, wondering if the BSB were done and over with. I was afraid that even if AJ came out of rehab, he wouldn't get better that quickly. Way to be a pessimist eh!? But then I thought bout it, thought bout how many people he knew were hoping for him to get better. See I knew he would get better quicker because he was motivated by his fans. Can't finish what I want to say cuz I've gotta go, but all thats important is that backstreet boys rule and will never ever turn their backs on each other and their fans.

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