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A commentary on the All Access video, featuring the making of Everybody and As Long As You Love Me

Part One - The Making of Everybody

Unwrap Nick? Where do I go to apply for THAT job?

"It's about 2 hours sitting in a chair, straight, not moving, and it's REALLY affecting me right now." - Nick
Nick? Not move? For 2 hours? I'd be surprised if he sat still for more than a minute.

"We've done 6 videos in the past...this is our 7th one if I'm not mistaken...or 8th actually now." - AJ
Woah...I actually had to rewind and listen again cause there were so many damn numbers. Perhaps AJ needs to brush up on his Backstreet Boys facts.

"He's an awesome singer, just as Nick is." - Brian on AJ

What, so Howie and Kevin aren't awesome singers too? Tsk tsk, Brian.

"Rambunctious, Rampaging..." - Kevin
Are you sure you got ALL of the 'ram-' words, Kev? Oh wait...nope, you forgot rambling, rampant...
Howie: "I am Count Dracula!!" [Big Cheesy Grin]
Oh yeah...real convincing.

"We thought that he looked like Dracula." - Joseph Kahn (director)
Gee, that's nice. New requirement for Boybands: One member must look like Dracula.

If Howie says 'And stuff like that' one more time, i'm gonna kill him.

"He's like dad, you know, the old man in the group." -Brian
Brian seems to have forgotten that Kevin can still kick his ass.

Awww...poor AJ looks bored outta his mind. I don't blame him - those girls/dancers in his scene, like, sound like Valley Girls, you know? *flips hair*

"I'm really sick of you guys." - AJ
We love you too, AJ!

The way Aj said "see ya" at the end made him sound like Brian. Brian's the only one who's supposed to say it like that!!

Part Two - On The Set of As Long As You Love Me

"I am the Breakfast Burrito Man!" - Howie
"See, you don't even know how to say it right!" - Nick
Ok...these guys have WAAAYY too much time on their hands.

What exactly are TREATMENTS??

Yes. That is a plate, Howie. Very good.

"Don't be rough, don't be rough. It's your birthday." - Fatima (choreographer)
Woah, birthday? Where did THAT come from?

"HE'S the one that put me in this corn-ball looking outfit!" - Brian
Well no one said you HAD to wear it, Brian dear.

"Boy I feel like a corncob right now." - Brian
Oh if I looked like you, I would too.

AJ: "It's Gilligan 2000: the wave of the future."
Howie: "Yo Homie, Gilligan, wez going back to da islands!"
AJ: "Word!"
Howie: "To your brotha!"
LMFAO!!!!! Dear lord...pray for these Boys tonight.

"Oh I can't say this, it's on camera." - Nick
All the more reason to say it. The public needs to know!!

"I am WAY, WAY, UNCOOL!" - Howie
Check it out - I think the same way Howie does!! We ARE meant to be together!!

"You need a hairdo like this to attract the women I guess." - Howie
Okay...maybe not.