Backstreet Boys: Around the World

Nick's mouth moves so much when he eats...what does he do, massage his cheeks with his tounge? (ooooh boy, talk about going towards the gutter right at the get-go huh?)

Good AJ didn't forget his passport this time. Actually, with their trach record, it wouldn't have been a shock if at least one of them did.

I found it extremely amusing how they had to stand at one end and move their smiles across for the cameras...notice how Brian's all blase about it and just stares calmly.

Oooh the plane's so purdy! Imagine seeing THAT at the airport.

"We're goin on a plane....this is the plane...we love the plane." - Gosh, is Nick high? I think so.

"It was like frickin...sweet!" -Kevin
With that big pause, you'd think he'd say something MAJOR, but all he could come up with was 'sweet'. Great Kev, just great.

Cubby's talking about the excitement of the trip and JoJo's just like "Dude, shut up, I was sleeping! God, i'm gonna kick your ass!"

Smart Nick, just dress normally for the top half where the camera can see you and forget the bottom half. Blazer and boxers...WONDERFUL.

When Brian and AJ were practicing SOMH, it was like total deja vu to the All Access vid when they were practing ALAYLM.

"Can't get no signal." - Brian
Duh Mafia Boy, I don't think cell phones work halfway around the world.

Dude, does AJ have horns on his passport photo?

Nick drawing the heart on the window was just too damn cute.

"They know I smell cause I wear the same clothes over and over again."
Gee, thanks for sharing Nick. Unfortunately, that doesn't explain the fugly shirts.

When you've seen teriyaki burgers from McDonald's, you've seen everything.

Good thing AJ didn't hurl on the boat.

"Alo!" - Howie, they're Japanese, not stupid.

"Just chill, listen to us sing for a minute...we don't want them to be up there screaming just cause they're looking at us." - Nick
Please, you know you like it when girls think you're hot, Nicky, don't deny it!

Sleeping Backstreet Boys are really cute.

What was Nick doing on that bus man...attempting to dance again? PSYCHO IN THE HOUSE!

AJ's trying to speak Aussie and then you hear "See what I gotta put up with?" - I can imagine.

"Excuse me sir...WOAH!" The look of surprise on Nick's face when he hit the tree was PRICELESS.

"Aw I'm gonna lose a finger that way dawg." - Nick

Boat rides for lunch? Poor, poor AJ.

Throw us your shoe? I never knew fans could be that weird...

"Put it on Kev, I dare you!" -Nick
Kevin, calmly: "Why don't you put it on?"

Nick looked like Anne of Green Gables or something with that bra on his head.

Sexual Brian? I don't think Brian CAN be sexual. lmao

"It looks like God goes there to just chill, eatin' some breakfast or something."
Man, Nick says the WEIRDEST things.

"My little squirrel...Skippy!" -AJ
What overactive imaginations...

Brian: "Welcome *thinks for a second* to Capetown."

That ledge on the water looks scary...

"Nick was her favourite...she had a big Nick poster." - Nice to know you care, Kev.

"These people are not calma...they are excited."
Doesn't Kevin love to state the obvious.

I'm loving the Open The Window clapping song.

I like how Nick is trying to rock out on the guitar...and not succeeding. lmao


Canada! What are YOU doin in Brazil? Now THAT is good stalking skills people...what can I say, Canadians are brilliant :)

Ok, I just burst an ear drum.

I was almost expecting Nick to go "Thanks, Mom" when Kevin adjusted his wrap thing.

Oh gosh Kevin, hurry up, you're boring me to death.

The whole crowd was MOVING...and I thought I was seeing things.

"As long as we have our fans, we can conquer anything." -Nick
Man, that was corny...flattery will get you no where Carter. (just kidding, I got that warm, fuzzy feeling too. lol)