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This has to be my 20th time telling this story but I think every time, it gets more fun. The Black & Blue Concert experience. Wow. This was my second Backstreet Boys concert and this time, I had floor seats! Yep…you read right. Section B3, row 18.

The good thing? You have the chance to get really close. The bad thing? You cannot see a thing for most of the concert unless you’re in the A section, and ya have to be real sneaky to get closer – making it so that half the time you’re running around, and the other half you’re afraid you’ll get caught. Just a tip.

Anyway, me and my two friends (the same ones who went to the ITM concert with me) got to the Sky Dome late thanks to school and public transit (yeah, it’s sad) so we got there at around 6 – too late to see the Boys come in and scope out the place fully. We hung around at Kiss 92 for a while, trying to win free stuff and watched two girls fight for ten minutes over a Kiss hat (why, I have no idea). It was entertaining though. So we went in at 6:40, after I bought an overpriced hot dog for dinner. We walked around the venue for a while, bought the too-hot-to-handle tour programs and got ripped off buying the glowsticks for $10. Tip: Don’t forget your OWN glowstick like I did. I even had it all set out too! So we found our seats and the fun started when everyone went crazy cause a Kevin wannabe and a Nick wannabe came down the steps toward the floor seats while I was scoping out the area. Everyone ran over to them only to see they looked nothing like the real things up close. From far away, they were pretty convincing but once they’re a little closer, no.

So the show started with Krystal – a girl with an AMAZING voice. She sang around 3 or 4 of her songs and I was impressed – she showed the world that you didn’t need to be blond, ditzy, and midriff-baring to be a female teen pop sensation. Krystal rocked the show and ended with a beautiful rendition of ‘I’ll Be There’ she dedicated to the Boys. *awww*

Then came the CONCERT! The lights dimmed and we were greeted by a video of the Earth being hit by uh….comets I think. Then the Boys shot out of these things with pyro flying everywhere. Nick had this mask-like thing on and blue paint cause he’s so into the whole Black & Blue army thing. They opened with Everyone and Larger Than Life, but I kinda missed a lot of it trying to get closer. =( I had to rely on the screens most of the time. My favourite songs from the concert has to be Get Another Boyfriend, Shining Star (I LOVE the end when the fireworks fly by like a shooting star and I don’t care what you think, but that clapping thing was cool.), More Than That and of course Yes I Will – the cane dance was just way too frikken HOT dammit. No, I’m pretty sure that’s not allowed. BSB + Canes = Heart Problems. Dammit, Nick + Cane alone is already bad enough. Not the whole group. Please. AHHH…TOO SEXY!

But by far, the best part has to be the dressing room scene. It don’t get no funnier than this yo. Where’s my shoe? LMAO. And then before you know it, the Boys magically appear on the smaller round stage in the audience. You should have seen it – a stampede of girls all running to the stage. Of course, I ran too, but I didn’t realize they were gonna be there so soon so I didn’t get a chance to reload film. I had ONE picture left and I managed to get so close too! Yes, I was majorly pissed – let’s hope that picture turned out well or I’ll kill myself. LOL Anyway, I was about 2 metres away from Nick (I’m not kidding) and holy sh*t that boy is just too frikken hot to handle. And dammit, if there was an award for The World’s Best Smile, he would win, hands down. They sang How Did I Fall In Love With You, I’ll Never Break Your Heart, and I Promise You on the small stage with Nick on my side the whole time, which worked out great for me *wink*. I was crammed in a whole crowd of people though and got my toes crushed so it wasn’t too comfortable. But hey, I saw the blond one up close so I’m happy. A million things were being thrown at him though and the cutest part was when he took a beanie baby and sat it down next to him. And he was thrown this shirt I saw a girl wearing before that said ‘Nick Is My Desire’ and he held it up for everyone to see which I thought was adorable. I even considered throwing my glowstick at him but I figured poking his eye out might not be the best idea. LOL Besides, I don’t have the best aim exactly and I didn’t pay $10 for the glowstick to miss. So I decided against that. But then it had to end sometime and they got on the ramp to get back to the main stage while they sang ‘Time’. I missed that song completely cause I had to find my way back to my seat through all the people and I went into the wrong section so I got kinda lost looking for my stuff…which was bad. Anyway, they closed the show with SOMH as encore and it was fun singing along to it. They ran along the ramp while they sang and (get this!) one of my friends managed to touch Nick and a couple of dancers! Of course, I was jealous as hell but I’ve gotten it over it. =P

So after that we got our stuff and left but stuck around for a little while cause we couldn’t decide whether to stay or go. We never got a Krystal CD so I made my friends go back to one of the radio stations so we could get it. They didn’t have any more so we decided to leave again, but not until we saw a tourbus! We ran to the tourbus and Kevin was looking out the window, waving at everyone. He was a total sweetie and he was saying ‘Hi’ and ‘Be Careful’ cause people were running out on to the road. We didn’t see the other guys though, but I think they each had their own bus or something. So they drove away and that was the end of our day. All in all, I had a fantastic time but I have a couple of regrets – one for not reloading my camera and two, for not trying to get closer. I’m not sure if it was better than the ITM Tour (probably cause this time, I was running around so much and had such a bad view that I couldn’t really just stop and enjoy it) but it was still amazing. My ears were ringing and my feet and neck was sore afterwards, but it was well worth it. =)

Song List:
Larger than Life
Shining Star
What Makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)
Yes I Will
More Than That
I Want It That Way
Not For Me
Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
I'll Never Break Your Heart
I Promise You (With Everything I Am)
How Did I Fall In Love With You
The Answer to Our Life
Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)
Get Another Boyfriend
Quit Playing Games/As Long As You Love Me
All I Have To Give/ If You Stay
The Call
Shape of my Heart

“There’s not enough room for you AND my hair.” –Howie LMFAO
“Where’s my shoe? I can’t find my shoe.” - Kevin
“It’s the Kevin and AJ show...This is how it should be!” -AJ
“I’m running out of things to say.” – AJ
“They’re always blaming me for everything.” –Nick
--The rest go together--
“Yo Nick, did you see that girl with the brown hair? She was winking at you.” – Howie (then he starts winking non-stop)
“Really?” –Nick, amazed a girl likes him.
“Yeah, why don’t you say hi to her?” –Howie
Nick looks in to the camera, “Hi,” all cute and innocent. Then he sings ‘Don’t Wanna Lose You Now’
“Yo, man, stop! She’s too old for you!” – Howie

Aj with silly string all over him.
Aj shirtless.
The Boys fighting over the mirror.
Stuffed animals falling out of the closet.
Stuffed animal fight!!
Howie messing with his hair.
Nick flirting with the camera.
The Boys primping in the dressing room.
Nick getting yelled at by the other Boys.

>>Photos from the Concert