Please do not take any of the pictures from this section - these are my own personal pictures and since I absolutely HATE right-click disable, don't touch! LOL Thanks.

These pictures may take a while to load...but as we all know, patience is a virtue.

The Stage - the thing is HUGE! And that white piano would be Krystal's.

Earth (why it's red, I have no idea) being hit by uh...craters.


E-VE-RY-ONE (i'm loving nick's mask thing by the way)

Nicky busting it out...he looks like an angel, doncha think?

I believe this would be More Than That

HOWIE!! *wink*

*drool* H...O...T......C...A...N...E...S

The girl LIKES ME!!

Obviously something REALLY funny must have happened.

Right when I was getting closer to the small stage. And my last pic on that roll of film. *grrr*

Brian baby!

All I Have To Give - Nickay

It's small, but it's Kevin.

There, a BIGGER Kevin for ya.


Kevin saying 'hi' from the tour bus.