So on May 27th, Ben Affleck was in town to promote his new movie, the Sum of All Fears. This included a stop over at the Much Music environment to co-host a half-hour with VJ Rick Campenelli. Well, seeing that I absolutely adore the man, I did the unthinkable (skipped a few classes...ooooh lmao) and TTC-ed my way downtown to see him with a friend of mine. The show was supposed to start at 4:00PM but we got there at 3:45...pretty late but I wanted to miss as few classes as possible. Yeah, I'm a goody-goody - sue me. So by the time we get there, there's already at least 100 people squished in front of the window/door thing they have at Much. We squeeze and worm our way as close as possible...which wasn't fun at all, cause basically there were maybe 150 people packed like sardines out there baking in the heat by the time the show actually started. And it didn't help at all that the woman beside me INSISTED on smoking. That resulted in my nose acting up and her ashes on me. Yes, me. Cause like I said, we were packed like sardines...ya think she's going to have room to tap off the ashes? Not here. *sigh* It was fun watching the show unfold though and Ben came out to sign autographs for us which was pretty cool of him. He signed for every single person there...which was pretty amazing. He signed my DVD box and I lent out pages of my agenda to people who didn't have anything for him to sign cause I'm just so cool like that lmao So basically, I was lost for a couple critical weeks before finals but ehhh...i'm too much of a good samaritan i guess LOL Once again, my film screwed me over (what else is new?). The roll said 36 exposures but did they HAVE 36 exposures?? NO! It stopped at 12. Freaking 12. Yup, I was mighty pissed. But whatever. I got a couple good shots so I'm alright. So basically...that's the story. And yes, he IS even hotter in real life. :D

Ooooh lookie he's on TELEVISION!! muahahah

Interviewed by Ricky the temp lol

"$ I have $100, Yes, $120...going for $120..."
Benny looks like he's going autioneer style there

*looks around* La dee da...I didn't do it, I swear...

Listening oh so carefully for more opportunities to throw in a big word here and there

The Ben Affleck Pensive Serious Look

Sweetly signing autographs for all the rabid fans there like yours truly :)
Now if only stupid guy with the big head wasn't in the way...

And he smirks at the camera

The ever exciting back of his head...with the oh-so-cool sharpie on his ear

The Autograph is not in fact some Magic Eye illusion - no need to go cross-eyed trying to figure it out!
With a simple rotation 90 degrees counter-clockwise and a little will get:

It's magic!