Thank you to everyone who sent in something for last month's Black & Blue Forum - you guys rock and I totally agree with you! And this is what you said:

Name: Andrea

Well I love Black and Blue. It's awesome! I listen to it all the time. I thought I liked Millennium better but B&B grew on me. So they are tied as my fav. BSB albums. My fav songs are More Than That, Get Another Boyfriend, Not For Me, and How Did I Fall In Love W/ You. They did an awesome job!

Name: Amanda

This is one sweet c.d.!!! I can't wait to see some of the songs in concert (if I can get tickets)!!!

Name: Kayla

I love the new album!! I never thought that Millennium could be topped, but it has been. The only thing that I like about Millennium better is that Millennium has I Want It that Way, and that is the best song ever, end of story. But a lot of the songs on Black and Blue really cheer me up like Millennium did. Like at the beginnig of Everyone when Nick says "Ba-ba-ba-babackstra-eet" like that just makes me smile. Well at least I think it's Nick. Black and Blue is definitely my fave album. And listening to More Than That just makes me wanna melt!!

Name: Erica

"The Call"....guy does wrong, he's a bad boyfriend. "Shape Of My Heart", he's trying to get a second chance, trying to get her back. "Get Another Boyfriend", the friends of the wronged party from "The Call" are telling her to, obviously, 'get another boyfriend'. And these are taken together to form the strongest trilogy at the beginning of any Backstreet album.

Then we have "Shining Star". Sounds like it would be a good sappy love song. Think again. Very up-beat and rappy. Not a very good mix. It's an AWESOME song, don't get me wrong, just came as a surprise. Also, a little side note, Nick and Howie co-wrote this song.

Moving right along to "I Promise You (With Everything I Am)", which I must say is my favorite song on the album. Awesome wedding song. Deep meaningful lyrics that will just make your heart melt. This is definitely being played at mine and Nick's wedding. :P

Next we have "Answer To Our Life". To me, this song kick ass, and what makes it kick ass even more is that the Boys themselves wrote it. Just one thing though: does the music crack anybody else up? Every damn time the song comes on, I 'bout piss myself laughing. Sounds like f*cking exercise music or something....

And the traditional 'for the fans' song: "Everyone". Personally, I like this song better than "Larger Than Life". This one seems more personal and it makes me feel all fuzzy inside when I hear it. It just proves HOW MUCH they loves us, the Backstreet Fans :)

Also one of my favorite songs on the album, "More Than That". I melt every time I hear it. Could the lyrics BE any more sweeter?

Once again, another song all the Boys wrote together. "Time", produced by BabyFace. This song kicks ass. there's nothing else to say about it. It just....kicks ass.

Again, another one of my favorite songs, "Not For Me". This song has a kick ass beat and I'm lovin' the little digital singing Nickay does. He sounds incredibly sexy. This song also has one of the best verses in it "I don't wanna be part of your screenplay/Just tell me, did you rehearse on me?/Gimme the story/Baby who's to win?/Me or him?". Clever Boys....

Now we come to the R&B song on the album, "Yes I Will", co-written by none other than AJ. This is another wedding-type song, ALSO going to be played at mine and Nick's wedding....:D

The next song is "It's True", which in my opinion kicked ass when it first came out on the BK CD's. Now it's just that song on the album that you just skip over. Every album has it, and this is it. That's all I have to say about that....

The extra track from Wal-Mart, "What makes You Different (Makes You Beautiful)". Damn....let Howie write more songs!! This song is so beautiful. I didn't know D had it in him....

And last, but certainly not least, "How Did I Fall In Love With You?" Dude....LET HOWIE SING MORE! D has got an AWESOME voice. They SO need to have more songs like this. Howard can damn sing....

And in conclusion, I only have one more thing to say:

Nsync, eat your heart out....the Backstreet Pride is going to be alive forever.

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