So the Boys probably didn't have too much say on the Backstreet Project Internet webisodes, but still...these webisodes were FUNNY! So may I present what you've all been waiting for...commentaries.

Webisode #1 - Larger Than Life

You'd think Nick's favourite movie is Star Wars instead of Aliens. I mean, that beginning intro part screamed Star Wars. *Billions of years ago in a galaxy far, far away...* And then we have the Star Wars theme in the concerts, but that's a different story.

"Their positive message and natural talent made the 5 young Earthlings known as the Backstreet Boys the chosen possesors and protectors of the rare and powerful amulets."
Oh ya, cause Aj's floor move during concerts is REAL positive. *snickers*

Can we say C-H-E-E-S-E?

Webisode #2 - Dead Heat

The whole rehearsal scene is just so cheesy. I think I know what it's like to be on drugs now - I mean there's like ten hot pink Nicks dancing like fools on the screen. Tell me it doesn't seem like you're hallucinating.

Nick sang Brian's part in 'Everybody'

"Another rehearsal down the tubes." - Nick
They've got the signature Nick-whining down pat.

Webisode #4 - Winner Takes All

Nick: "Weren't you guys into superheroes when you were kids?"
No,'re a freak.

Howie: "Definitely not a fan."
This is where I jump in and say, 'No shit, sherlock.'

Ok...if the bad guys know that Howie's 'Illusioneer', why the hell are they so freaked out about that clown??

When Nick's talkin bout how they only have one amulet, their teeth are REALLY bright. They must use Colgate Sensation Whitening.

Bad guys: "One more strike...and they're out."!! Can you tell i'm scared?

Webisode #5 - Freefall

Howie: "Time for a vacay!"
Um...okay. YOU can take a "VACAY", Howard. But the thing is...this isn't the scary thing. The REAL scary thing is that this actually sounds like something the REAL Howie would say.

"Next Day...Colorado."
Only a Backstreet Boy can say they want to go on a vacati - or should I say, "VACAY" - and end up in Colorado the very next day.

Aj: "Last one down's gotta wear a dress in the next video!"
Isn't that a pretty empty threat? After all, they've got the dress department already well-covered, thanks to Kevin.

Zator: "I'm sure Zanell will show up. After Number One destroys you!"
How original. So I'm guessing Number One is Number Two's (from Austin Powers) older bro then huh?

Webisode #6 - Zanell's Choice

Nick: "You big creep! ..You're messing with the WRONG GUY!"
So Nick's acting like he's Mr. Macho Man all of a sudden...but two seconds later, he gets saved by a GIRL. So much for that, huh Nick?

Zanell: "I'll never forget you Nick."
Nick: "Zanell...WAIT!"
*Dramatic Kissing Scene, complete with exaggerated sound effects*
Well, THAT was straight out of a cheesy romance... and you can tell Nick created this whole Backstreet Project thing. Cause surprise, surprise....he gets the girl.

Kevin: "Hey Nick, my sister has a friend." many of you were wondering, "Since when did Kev have a sister?" LMAO