A Short Story by Justy

*~* Boys Will Be Boys *~*

A little 411 from the Author: This story is about the members of both BSB and *N SYNC. They are living together in a mansion. The mansion has a lot of cool rooms. The room that is most used is the bowling alley. A description of each guy is as follows. Brian, Nick, Kevin, Justin, and Chris are normal guys. AJ believes that pigs can fly, JC is a crack-head who recently stopped with the drugs, Howard (howie)is in love with the color pink and is gay along with Lance. Akeem is the drug dealer for JC, and Jourdan Fischer is my friend, I had to make her be the girl at the end of the story.


AJ: Pigs can fly, pigs can fly, pigs can fly!

Brian: Cannot

AJ: can too

Brian: Cannot!

AJ: Can too!!

Joey: Did somebody just say can of tuna? I'm hungry!

Howard: Here take these (throws him a bag of gummy bears) Those darn fans of mine keep sending me these...but where's the pink? I don't see pink! No pink no eat!

Justy: Yo, chill man...CRUNK!!! (said with pain)

Lance: oh Justy what happened?

Justy: I just stepped on something sharp...

Howard: Oh goodness gracious, you found my Barbie earring!!

Chris: Ummm, that's not Barbie, it's just a plain pink earring.

Howard: Well, gosh, why cant you ever pretend?

Lance: Oh wow! Can I see that earring? (takes earring from Howard) Where can I get one of these?

-Kevin enters the room-

Kevin: Ok ya'll, the bowling lanes have been repaired, lets all go play!

Howard: How exciting! Quick Lancy, lets go get dressed up!

Everyone: NO!!!

- But they were too late, Howard and Lance had already left to go get dressed in their..tutu's -

Brian: Should I get Nick so he can play with us?

AJ: Re-phrase that!

Brian: You pervert! You know what I meant!

AJ: Well, if you said pigs can fly, then I know what you mean, but if you said anything else, I don't know what you mean.

Joey: Can we stop by the bar on the way there?

Justy: Shut your butt and go stuff it with food!

Joey: Umm, that would be kinda hard..

Justy: Just go!

Joey: Ok ok... (sings as he walks out) I love fishes cause their so delicious, gonna go fishin'!

-Later on in the bowling lanes-

Kevin: All right, lets pick teams, I'm first captain!

Chris: Geez Kevin, going back to the 6th grade with that immature little I'm first captain! ...well, I'm second captain then!!!

Kevin: Ok... Chris, whatever you say, well, I pick...Brian

Chris: Justy

Kevin: Joey

Chris: AJ

Kevin: Nick

Chris: Ugh! fine! I guess Howard. Darn it, were is JC when I need him?!?!

Justy: Ain't he with that Akeem guy again?

Brian: I heard he was trying to quit with the crack, he may be trying to entertain himself somewhere else.

Justy: ..that'll be the day!! (begins to giggle)

Brian: No man, for real!

AJ: Yeah, I'll start believing that when you admit that pigs can fly!

Joey: Hey, if they can fly, then we can have Kevin shoot it down and then we can eat it for breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack, desert, bedtime snack...

Chris: enough!! Lets just get this game on!! Kevin, you take Lance

Lance: That's Lancy to you!

Nick: Oh oh, I go first, I go first! Wait, where's my green ball?

AJ: I saw Howard taking it...

-Nick finds Howard in the corner-

Nick: No Howard! You cant transform my ball into a pink ball!!

Howard: But I.....

-Nick grabs the ball before Howard was able to paint on it. Howard begins to cry and Lance comes to comfort him-

Joey: Has anyone seen my corndog?

Justy: bend over an I'll show ya..

Brian: Lance, quit the make out session with Howard, its your turn.

Howard: Go baby, bowl me a strike!

Chris: Gay faggits!

JC: What's everyone doing?

All: AGGGHHH!!!!!!!

Justy: Where the heck did you come from?

Nick: Why do you look so...normal?

AJ: Have you lost weight?

Chris: Yo, stupid, he's just got baggy clothes on!

Howard: Lancy and I missed you lots!!

Joey: Are you hungry? I brought food!!

Kevin: So...

JC: I've been asleep. And this time it was comfortable because...well, I've decided to quit hangin out with Akeem so much cause I found out what cheating no-good person he is. And also cause....I went to shack my piggy bank the other day and, well, I didn't hear to much noise. That's when I knew I needed to stop. And I haven't felt better!


-even more silence-

-no movement-

Brian: See I told you all!

Nick: Congratulations!!

Justy: Yo bug J, you da man!

Chris: Finally somebody knocked some sense into him!

Joey: Lets eat and celebrate!

Howard: I'll get the pink balloons!

AJ: Oh no you won't! They'll get in the way of the flying pigs! They'll go blind when they see that ugly color!

Kevin: Join us in a game of bowling. Your on Chris's team. But I'm captain # 1!

JC: Ya'll better chill or I might go psycho! Hey, where's Lance?

-Lance appears out of nowhere and makes a mad dash for JC, jumps on him and almost knocks him down.-

Lance: It quivers my quilt to see you back!

JC: Dude, get off me.

-beep, beep, beep-

JC: Hold on, its my cell... Hello?

Akeem: Hey buddy!

JC: Um, hi...

Akeem: How bout we meet at Hard Rock Cafe at about 8:00?

JC: Um, well, look Akeem, I've decided, that, well, you see, I need to, um...

Chris: (yelling) What he's trying to say is that he want to get the heck away from you and all the crap you've been giving him!!!! Cause now he's broke!

JC: (sarcastically) Yeah, thanks Chris. Well, I think I have decided to quit Akeem.


Akeem: That's cool, no sweat man, I've been thinking about other things too! Or should I say other people! I heard about this one chick who is just as bad off on the crack as you were. I'm thinking about seeing her!

JC: oh, so do you know her name?

Akeem: Yeah, its Jourdan Fischer!!


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