...and more...

Woah..there's an extra hand there. Where the hell did THAT come from?

The bathroom's that way, Nicky. Holding it in isn't healthy.

Anger management classes would probably help. Remember kids: Violence is not the answer.

Whatcha talking bout, it's completely normal to go snorkeling in a jersey and a t-shirt.

Nick: You want a piece of me? Huh? BRING IT ON!

Damn...Nick's drawing was dead on, wasn't it?

Perhaps Nick is taking the line "Say Cheese" a little too literally.

I think Nick is too scary for Nick.

This reminds me of some tacky horror movie like Night of the Living Dead or something. SCARY.

Kevin: I'm flying, I'm flying!

Somebody get Nick some help - he isn't a pirate..or a gypsy. You can't wear a metallic MUAVE shirt with RUFFLES and a leopard print scarf with a brown vest (and basically the ENTIRE FREAKING OUTFIT) on national TV - it scares people.

Now why can't the camera have shot the rest of him darnit?

Sheesh Nick, what did the jacket ever do to you?

The cast is on there for a reason, Nicky: So you won't go around playing baseball with the Red Sox.

The lettering combined with the sunglasses made me think it said 'Dorkstreet' for a minute there.

Oh my, is it just me or do they look happy? And within a 5-foot radius of each other too! I need to sit down.

This would be Kevin and Aj’s charity cellphone faceplate…”designed by the celebrities themselves!!” And under that would be other celebrity faceplates also being auctioned off. They didn’t do much designing in comparison, now did they? I wouldn’t consider autographs as having any artistic merit….

Okay, now play dead! Good doggy, good!

How many licks does it take to get to the center?

Nick: Dude, I didn’t know that guy was in the group…oh wait, it’s Kevin, in his shaggy-hair days.


Nick: What'd I say, I told you Howie. That haircut works well with the ladies.

Kevin: God, why me? Why did you make me work with these morons, WHY!?!

Howie wants to tell us he's Latino, just in case we didn't know already.

Guess that must be a comfy pillar.

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