Are you ready? Ok...Jen of Tightie-Whities Inc. has a confession to make. Cause she has a problem. And the best way to fix a problem is to admit that you DO have a problem right? The whole "not being in denial" stuff. So hold onto your chairs - cause here goes...

*deep breath*

I, Jennifer, like the new *Nsync song, 'This I Promise You'.

*Whew* Yes, that was very hard for me. As you all must know - I STRONGLY dislike *Nsync. But unfortunately, I'm in love with 'This I Promise You'. *They probably put some hidden message in it making people like it - you know, in 'Saved By The Bell'? HA! We figured it out!* But back to the confession. You can all relax though, cause I still hate Justin's fro/cornrows, I still think they're all butt-ugly, I still think they should admit they look up to BSB, I still REALLY don't like them and their homeless-guys-on-the-street look and yes, I still think they should worship the ground the Boys walk on...*ok maybe that's going a BIT too far, but you get the picture* So yeah...I feel much better now, getting that off my chest. And one song...that's ok right? I mean, Richard Marx is a good songwriter, what can I say?

One last thing...because of this new 'development', I may be just a LITTLE bit nicer to the *Nsync guys...particularly the 'c' part of the group cause he's the only one who can sing and look normal at the same time...*give the guy a cookie!!*