To thank all of you guys who come to Tightie-Whities Inc., I've decided to hold a contest. I've said I would before, when the counter hit 10000, and it's hit way over 10000 by now, thanks to my procrastination LOL So here it is, the first site contest:

All you have to do is be the FIRST person to email me at tightiewhities_inc@hotmail.com with the answers to two questions relating to the site. The first one should be pretty easy, but the second one might be a little harder. Here they are:

1) This layout features AJ, obviously. And if you look to your left, you'll see AJ everywhere, except right in the center. There's a man sitting next to AJ in a white shirt. Who is he?

2) Each section (news, site, weeklys, etc.) has a graphic at the top of the menu that features a group picture. For this layout, I've mostly used new pictures that have never been used in my graphics, except for TWO group pictures that were used for the menu graphics in the LAST 'Funkified' layout. Tell me which two sections they are used for in THIS layout.

The Prize, if you are the first person to answer both questions correctly, is a personally-made CD featuring about 18-20 tracks of WHATEVER you want, including rare, unreleased, or live Backstreet Boys songs. You can also choose to have a personally-made VHS video of any of the Backstreet Boys TV appearances or specials from my extensive collection.

Make sense? If not, email me at tightiewhities_inc@hotmail.com and I'll be happy to answer your questions. The winner will be posted immediately so enter now!