Ok this is just a quick disclaimer that ya'll should read. First of all, we'll get the 'I dunno BSB' thing done first so, here we go. I am in no way, shape, or form related to Nick, Howie, Brian, Aj or Kevin and I just wish I was! *Damn, how I wish I was*. I am NOT and I do NOT know the Backstreet Boys, their management or their record company. And now, secondly, I LOVE THE BACKSTREET BOYS. Anyone who knows me probably refers to me as 'The BIGGEST Backstreet Boys fan in the world' and it's true (i mean it...sorry couldn't help myself). Just cause this is a humour site poking fun at them does NOT mean I don't like them. I mean, they're certainly not perfect, which is why we love them right? And, people, please remember this is HUMOUR....meaning, I don't REALLY make Nick's briefs and I don't REALLY hate Howie's ponytail. It's all just one BIG FAT joke....so hatemail can go somewhere else. Ok? Oh and a few more things before I let you go:

1) This site has recently gone all frames. Which means if your browser doesn't support it...tough. You CAN however, choose to go for the no pop-up version but don't blame me if it gets screwy cause that version is not entirely glitch-free. So basically, your best bet is to just hit the enter button on the front page and use the chromeless window. All you have to do is make sure your browser supports Java.

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So with that all said and done....it's on to the show! Enjoy!!

Oh and if any of the Backstreet Boys are reading this right now...I hope you get a kick out of this =)