FINALLY. After fifty thousand delays, the video has arrived. Still wanna see the original version though...HELLO, WET BOYS, what more could a girl ask for? Well, except Nick Carter showing up on her doorstep in nothing but a....I'm stopping, right now, before this ends up R-rated. LMAO

Aww...they're looking so sad.

Brian's little hand movement at the beginning there looks sorta funny.

Holy cow, Howie is actually getting more than 10 seconds of air time!

Must be the new hairdo - personally, I give it 2 thumbs way up.

Obsession with cars perhaps? We've had old cars like this one for the last video AND the video before that too...

Leaning against pillars man...putting fans in danger of hyperventilation was NOT in the contract people.

Brian must have been asleep during this shoot - I saw his eyes for all of 2 seconds.

Nick, you're gonna have to stop smiling at me like that.

Is that an orange shirt?? What'd I say about orange pieces of clothing? IT SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN, THAT'S WHAT! I suppose your cuteness can make up for it, but DON'T think this will happen often, Carter.

Remember those mood rings everyone had back in elementary school? That's what Howie looks like he has on. It must be too big for him though cause it shakes near the end there.

Nick's jacket was playing hide and seek - now you see it, now you don't.

In conclusion, all you of you are no longer allowed to look this darn good all at the same time.