------// FAN ART

Everyone knows how talented the Boys are. It's everywhere, heck it's even the basis of this site. But this section is where the talent of the FANS get to shine. This page will showcase the artistic talent of the fans of the Backstreet Boys - and I know there are tons of talented fans out there, I've seen firsthand some of those kickass drawings of the Boys. So if you have a drawing, painting, sketch, whatever, that you made of the Backstreet Boys, please send them to me at tightiewhities_inc@hotmail.com and you can have your shot at FAME! (okay, not REAL fame, but we can dream can't we?)

To start you all off, I've put my own drawing I did of Nick several months back. My first attempt at drawing the Boys...what do you think? Expect more drawings from yours truly to come. =)

By Rosemery

The following 4 drawings were all done by Melissa - she did an awesome job too. Email her your comments at brokluver02@yahoo.com.