Want a good fanfic to read? Tired of the same old storyline? This is the place to find it. I love reading Backstreet Boys fan fiction but sometimes, I find it difficult to find a story that will hold my interest past the first chapter. I figured, other fans out there might be feeling the same way so that was how this page was born. Every one or two weeks (depending on when I find good fanfics) a new story will be featured on this site. All stories will definitely be the cream of the crop of BSB fanfiction, so you'll be able to do some happy reading. =) *One thing - the majority of fanfics found here will probably be Nick ones with a few Brian ones sprinkled in. I tend to like Nick stories more..sorry!*

And I've recently added an award. All stories featured here will be given an award that will look like this.

Running Late
by Carrie

Based on the movie One Fine Day, Nick and Christine are forced to work together as their day is thrown into complete chaos after their children miss a field trip. I love funny stuff. And this story is chock full of funny stuff. There aren't many romantic comedies in BSB Fanfiction Land, but this is a damn good example of one.

Bed of Lies
by Soxy

Credit is given where credit is due, and Soxy definitely deserves credit for her hilarious fanfic, Bed of Lies. This story is hosted at Obscure Thoughts (home of A Tale of Two Popstars) so I was arguing with myself over whether to feature this story or not. I finally decided that just because it's hosted there, that doesn't mean it's not a good story. So here ya go. :) A radio DJ is about to embark on a journey that she could have never suspected. She gets to go on tour with 5 members of the hottest band around. While she developes relationships, and learns the working of the road and those who are famous, she learns how much she adores all 5 men. She becomes apart of their 'world', but suddenly it's taken from her and she can't figure out how it happened. Their backs turned on her, she has to figure it out on her own.

A Tale of Two Popstars
by Jess and Jules

I haven't read fanfiction this good in a long while, and I'm so glad I did. I kinda didn't want to make this as my featured story this week since Janie (of Go With Your Heart) just did it, but I really couldn't help it - it's just too damn good. And you know what the best thing about it is? You can pick which band you want to read about. If you don't like Backstreet (not that something like that would happen of course, right? :P), you can still read the Five version, Westlife version, or even the Other Band *cough Nsync cough*. j/k "Life in the public eye is stressful enough. Everyone wants a piece of you, and everyone wants to know your business. The image is just as important as the music. You canít screw with one or the other. Two people. Two careers. One mistake. One way out." Oh yes...and Jess is the nicest girl in the world, SO GO ALREADY! :)

by Laura

One of the reasons why I picked this story is because Nick is portrayed as someone who isn't perfect, something you don't see often. He's not Prince Charming...in fact, he's far from it in this story, and that's what I liked about it. Also check out the sequel, "The One...The Shape...The Call".

Living Precariously
by Becci

I've had this story bookmarked forever but I don't know why it took me so long to have it featured here. I love it really, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it too. Nick is portrayed in a very REAL way as he and the main character, Natasha, try to figure out where their relationship is going.

Still Waters Run Deep/Even Angels Fall
by Marie-Alicia

I have to admit...I didn't think I would like it at first. But once I kept reading, I couldn't stop myself. Still Waters Run Deep (featuring Kevin and Nick), and its sequel, Even Angels Fall (featuring Nick) is full of plot twists. Although some parts came VERY close to being visuals (don't say I didn't warn you), it was still an enjoyable read. The stories also include mature subject matter so...take heed.

by Crystal

I read the first chapter, and I was hooked. The first-person narrative Crystal used made the already-funny plot even funnier. I was laughing the WHOLE time I read the (unfinished) story and I can't wait to read the upcoming chapters. And yep...it's a nick story. (yeah i know, AGAIN!)

Deep Greens and Blues
by Beth

"Sometimes...you get to a point in a relationship when all you can do...when all you know how to do is hurt each other." A Nick and Kevin story that was reccommended to me by Alison (thanx girl!). The story doesn't end up the way you thought it would and it's kinda sad too, but I really enjoyed reading it. The ultimate story of self sacrifice.

Go With Your Heart
by Janie

"Janie Valdez and Nick Carter are the best of friends and there is nothing that can tear them apart. Or so they think. Janie has suddenly found JC Chasez in her life, and she can't figure out whether to hate him or to like him. What happens when you realize you're in love too late? But who's in love with who? Janie realizes that she's going to have to choose. For a decision that should be so easy, she doesn't understand why it's so hard." I am absolutely IN LOVE with this story. Go With Your Heart may have a serious plot to it but a lot of what the characters say and do is hilarious! I couldn't help laughing along the way. And get this - I stayed up until 4AM in the morning to read this fanfic, it was THAT good.

Redefining Sunsets
by Tanya

"When Love is Lost, everything seems different. How can something be considered beautiful, when all it does is remind you of what you've lost?" From the co-author of Restless Hearts, it's another fabulous Nick story. Nick's employee helps him overcome a painful break-up. A definite Must-Read!

The 'How To Make A Boyband' Trilogy
by J-Dawg and T-Dawg

I'm sure ya'll have heard of the 'How To Make A Boyband' Trilogy sometime or another. And you either loved it or hated it. But I loved it! So maybe, it was centered more around *Nsync than Nick (the only BSB featured in the story) but nevertheless, it was a great adventure fanfic. It's humourous and different from your average boy-meets-girl story. I'm sure you'll love it.

I Fell Hard
by Miranda

Yeah it's another Nick story. So sue me.
"...sometimes you learn, the fall out of love is a lot harder on the way down. And sometimes if you love someone, you just have to let them go. I guess you could say I fell in and out of love with him. Either way, I fell pretty hard."

Iris of An Angel
by Donna

Hey look! It's our first Brian fanfic featured here! hehe...this is an adorable fanfic all about Brian. Donna has a knack for making her characters real and come to life. It's a sweet story about Brian that I fell in love with a long time ago and I'm sure you all will love it too.

I Need You Tonight
by Angie

This is a great fanfic featuring all the Boys but centered mostly around Nick. It is an on-going fanfic and Angie has an incredible writing style that's light and leaves you wanting more. I have been reading this fanfic for over a year now and I definitely think you'll enjoy it!

by Carla and Kat

"When Carla decides to let Nick go, he demands answers. But the answers he gets may be more than he can handle. Can their love for each other stand the secrets between them?" This is an amazing fanfic by two very talented writers, Carla and Kat. These two are probably the queens of cliff-hangers and every chapter leaves you wanting more. 'Secrets' has a perfect mix of suspense, horror, mystery and romance and it comes highly recommended!

I'll Take Care Of You
by Julia Hartley

This is the first fanfic I read from one of my favourite Backstreet Boys fanfic writers, Julia Hartley. She is an amazing writer and she has a wonderful way of making her readers really connect with her characters. 'I'll Take Care of You' is another very well-written Nick story that you have to check out!

Can You Feel Me?
by Danielle

Very few things make me cry - I mean, people make me cry but very rarely do THINGS make me cry. But this story did and it was probably the first time a story (ANY book, novel, or fanfic) has made me cry - so that's saying a lot! This amazing Nick story by Danielle pulls at your heartstrings and is a real tearjerker. Check it out!

by Kira

A very touching story about Nick and choreographer Kerra. The author of 'Choices' is very gifted and she's able to make her characters come to life. 'Choices' is sprinkled with humour which makes it such a good read.

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