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A commentary on the Burger King promotional video, 'For The Fans'...and you know there's a lot to comment on for this one *wink* LOL

How many of you were wondering if they were filming YOUR city and YOUR concert? And then got pissed when you found out it wasn't?

SILLYSTRING!!! *that was for Manda from sillystring*

When the Boys were flying in on their surfboards for Larger Than Life, two of them were wearing those weird alien mask thingies...
Announcer: 'So Contestant #1, which Backstreet Boy do YOU think is behind mask #1?' LOL

*sigh* Doesn't this video bring back such fond memories of the ITM tour?

During Kev's 'Are you ready to PARTY?!' part, watch the dancer behind him. She is trying SO HARD not to laugh.

I'm still wondering how Aj can laugh like a maniac on cue...I don't get it.

All I can say about the performance for Don't Want You Back is DAYUM! Did ya'll see NICKOLAS and that ladder?! Holy sh*t!! *oops...mind the language* but DOWN boy! *mmmm....to be a ladder*

Gotta love it when Aj touches his butt during that 'Backstreet's Back' part in Don't Want You Back.

Hey look! It's GUIDO!! I think Aj has a thing for the goose....uh-oh

WHAT is that weird pre-show song they're singing? The whole 'Yes! Yes! Yes!' song. At least Nick doesn't get it either. Watch him, he's just like "uh-huh....okaaayy....whatever"

That girl had a sign for Aj that said 'Bring it all to me'. Hey, wait a minute....isn't that an *Nsync song??

AWWWWWW....did ya see the little boy and Brian hugging? How CUTE was that??

Back To Your Heart was soooo pretty. Yep, it's my new favourite song.

All I have to say about Brian playing basketball is HA! Shorty got game baby!

Speaking of the basketball game, think about this. Nick is 6'1 and he was SHORTER than some of those college guys. Imagine that. They're like 7' tall!

*whew* The pinstriped suits are MUCH better than the blinding pink ones. God bless the wardrobe designer. Give the guy a raise!!

Why is Kevin always the one wearing the long trenchcoats?

Howie bought a purple corvette?? Way to be discreet, Howard. You SURE you don't want any fans stalking ya?

"You guys made all of our dreams come true" - Howie
...Like being able to own a PURPLE corvette. Betcha he had to get that specially made too.

Aj said he was moving to Indiana next year. But...HEY!! You said you were moving HERE!

"The Backstreet Boys have the best fans in the world" - Nick

See Aj's cowboy hat during IWITW? Wow....that thing is bright. And it looks like he stole it from Madonna...

When Nick's looking for the video game room, he turns around and sees the camera. Betcha ten bucks he was thinking: "Damn, there's a camera following me! I hope I have no twinkie crumbs on my mouth"

Look at all the Burger King food on the bus! *oink oink*

"I really shouldn't say anything" - Nick
"Just sing." - AJ
LMAO...yeah Nick, don't talk - just sing and look pretty!

I don't know about you but I LOVED the end part with the Burger King song. It just about fell off the couch laughing. That 'one slab of cheese' part did it for me. I died RIGHT THERE. But really....who would want to put SALSA on a burger, Kev? But I love tomatoes too, Nick!! =)

A few things I've discovered while watching this video (mostly about our tightie-whities wearing Boy, Nickay):

*When Nick's 40, he's gonna be some ghetto-speaking couch potato sitting in front of the tv. But what's scary is that somehow, that still sounds appealing, just cause it's Nick.
*Nick is always calling the rest of the guys 'the fellas'.
*Nick did the Eyebrow Raise three times in this one 45-minute video.

*Tell Me Why
Why can't you hold the pickles?
Tell me why
Why can't we have a slab of cheese (one slab of cheese)
Tell us why
I love you when I hear you say,
You have it your way!!*