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This is my commentary on the Backstreet Boys' very first home video - the green one called 'Backstreet Boys'.

At the beginning, we see a clip of Nick doing…uh…something. Was he dancing? Or was he just trying to fall?

Aj McClean?? PEOPLE!!!!

Does Kevin not sound different on this video?? Other than the fact that he’s talking faster!! *GASP* Clinical studies suggest that years with BSB has been making Kevin talk slower…. noooooo

When they’re being interviewed in black and white, why does Aj get his own chair? Is he that special??

Nick’s 15!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

I just can’t get over Aj’s side burns….or his Adam’s apple….it’s huge…lol

“And that’s the story!” Kevy’s very pathetic attempt to be funny...

Lou Perlman’s got no lips….but at least his hair is brown

Brian looks hot…hehe….sorry, a lil off-topic.

Howie sez: “Well, hello there!” to the extras at the picnic table and no one cares….lmao

“It’s Baywatch, the sequel.” - Aj
“We’re now on the set of Baywatch,” –Kevin
What IS it with them and Baywatch??

In the Anywhere For You vid, they ride bikes…watch Kevin, he always takes his hands off the handles and lift them up… “Look Ma! No hands!!”

They made fun of Joanne!! The poor girl…But really….Nick’s supposed to have wild fantasies when he’s 15?

At the beginning of the Boys Will Be Boys performance, some girl’s got a poster that calls the Boys robbers….ummm…ok…don’t think they really stole anything from me lately…except maybe the money I spent on useless merchandise...DAMN

Scary beginning to da concert man….kinda freaky don't ya think?

At the end, they like fall down….haha….it looks like someone punched them or something…real SLICK