------// GUESS WHO??


Explanation: When he sings, he puts such emotion into it - stomping the floor, huge hand gestures...relax buddy, it'll be ok.
Known As: The cute, blond one...ok that was a dead giveaway. If you don't get this...well, you're a bit slow then.
Known For: 1. "Hey Brian, go stand over there so I can be a spaceship!"
2. Calling Boyz II Men a trio. Ok, let's count, use your fingers if we have to ok?
3. Saying Norway is in Sweden. You'd think he'd know after all that travelling and the WORLD tours. Jeez...
4. Connecting 5 computers together and blowing out the power on the whole floor. And you say he DOESN'T surf the net?
Signature Singing Look: He curls his lips..and over-reacts, of course.
Looks Best In: my room. haha...I Want It That Way - his hair was just right...well that's what I think anyway. And did you see those lips? All puckered up - makes you just wanna kiss the screen.
Colour: It's too hard!!!!! He looks dayum good in every colour...ok...maybe black...or blue.
Trademark Move: The Eyebrow Raise. Self-explanatory.


Explanation: His face is outlined by his umm...beard? goatee? I dunno. . .
Known As: The nice charitable one. He goes to every award show and does basically everything. Wished us a Merry Christmas on the Official Site, went to the MuchMusic Video Awards, the AMAs and now the Junos...*sigh* You don't haveta try so hard, we love you anyway!!!!!!
Known For: 1. The winking. STOP IT!
2. Looking at womens clothing...thank God somebody stopped him.
3. Making up 'gay' phrases with his name.
4. The curly ponytail.
Signature Singing Look: He tries to look soulful and Latino while shaking his head.
Looks Best In: I honestly don't know. Ummm.....I'd have to say We've Got It Goin On - the ponytail drives me CRAZY!!
Colour: Ummm...red...yeah.
Trademark Move: Do you even have to ask?? The wink, obviously!!


Explanation: Shortform for Monotone...nuff said. Or for the slow, it's his talking!!! It's all monotone and damn slow. He's... my... cousin. Someone wake me up when it's over.
Known As: The serious one with the brows. *As my brother said...that's guy's got big ass brows!*
Known For: 1. Talking slowly...really slowly.
2. Answering for his bandmates.
3. Announcing to the world that Brian's his cousin.
4. Being the sexiest pop star/man alive in People Magazine...WHOOOOO! Go Kevin, Go Kevin! *does a little dance* When I say Kevin, you say Richardson! Kevin, Richardson, Kevin...ok I'll stop
5. Having a tattoo that means Music and Pleasure on his pelvic bone...that's it, I'm becoming a tattoo artist
Signature Singing Look: That 'Dreaming of a Fantasy Vacation to Tahiti' look. And dang, when he gets that look it seems like he's even DREAMING in monotone.
Looks Best In: hmmm...well he sorta looked the same in INBYH, LTL, IWITW AND SMTMOBL...so I dunno...I guess, um... all of the above.
Colour: Black defintely...
Trademark Move: The Nod. Yep, it's the head nod. And I don't just mean from the ITM tours either. Watch the video for Show Me The Meaning. It's in there too. Hell, it's EVERYWHERE! *GASP*


Explanation: The hats...and all the other items of clothing he has that's all leopard skin.
Known As: The rebel of the group.
Known For: 1. All the tattoos and hair colour changes...oh ya, and the facial hair
2. Humping the floor...*no, I don't wanna know*
3. Wearing half-shirts - at the VMAs AND the Larger Than Life video...you'd think the other boys would notice there was something wrong with that picture.
Signature Singing Look: The pained look.
Looks Best In: I'll Never Break Your Heart II...and...actually I liked when he was on Regis and Kathie Lee...the second time...and on Arthur Ashe Kids Day. Natural coloured hair is good...I like that.
Colour: ummm...I dunno....but leather is good so I guess uh...brown? or black? or white is good too..white tank top...SWEET! haha....I stole his word!
Trademark Move: The Pelvic Thrust. *surprise surprise* He does it at LEAST once a song.


Explanation: He waves and says' Hello' every chance he gets. Not to mention he runs everytime he sings "On the run" in As Long As You Love Me but that's a different story. . .
Known As: The one with the bangs and the best voice.
Known For: 1. Always being the one to thank God when they win awards.
2. Always being the first one to get up on the podium, accept the award and talk. Maybe because they know he won't mess up or something....or else he just likes to sit on the end.
3. Bringing Lil Tyk along everywhere...even during a tv appearance *cough*Rosie*cough*
4. Being a mute...he never talks anymore!!!!
Signature Singing Look: He likes to squeeze his eyes shut to block the monsters out.
Looks Best In: Larger Than Life...his hair looked blonder than usual...someone's been spending too much time with AJ!
Colour: Blue! DEFINITELY!!!!

Trademark Move: The Yeah-I-Know-I'm-Good Shrug. Notice he does this a lot. He gives this shrug, usually accompanied by a small smile, that basically means, "Yeah, I know I'm good." *OOOH...S-E-X-Y* LMAO

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