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Mysteries of Life...

1. The ANOWTBSB is one hell of a funny video...Kevin's little dance during QPG - nuff said. And All I Have To Give during Howie's solo, Kevin mouths the words then gives that I'm-so-good-you-know-you-want-me look and blows the audience a kiss. OMG..you KNEW he wanted to say No Diggity right then.

2. What do they do at award shows?? Do they sit there and make fun of people like I do *evil laugh*? Or what? Check out the girls? Talk?

3. Are they ever self-conscious? Like when they go up to accept an award or whatever, do they freak out and go "oh, I hope I don't mess this up"

4. Why do they alwayz say "I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!" making everyone scream louder....I'm guessing all those years of screaming girls finally got to them. Cuz if they can't hear us, then they're friggen deaf!!

5. Brian's favourite word seems to be "Hut!!" *cough*Disney Concert*cough*

6. Anyone else notice that Nick always pushes his hair back when he puts his hat on in AIHTG?

7. Brian says "git" instead of "get" like everyone else. Itz that Kentucky accent coming back at him...

8. Speaking of Kentucky accents, if Kevin was from Kentucky too, how come he didn't have the accent? They always say how Brian had the thickest accent ever....makes you wonder bout that cousin thing doesn't it???? HA! Itz a conspiracy, I tell you!

9. What da hell is apopoke, Aj??
*I'm told by Lynzee (thanx girl!) that AJ actually said "a propos" which means "by the way". No more big words, AJ...you're making us feel stupid.*

10. Did anyone else find the SMTMOBL dancers in the Disney concert REALLY annoying??

11. Don't they find it weird to sing and just walk up to a fan, grab their hand, and sing to them?? I mean, I wouldn't walk down the street grabbing people's hands!

12. Who IS that girl in the Disney concert talking to Aj when they went into Armani??

13. Kevin always seems to have this amused look on his face...

14. What's their favourite water? I mean, they seem to have a different bottle every conference...yea, I know, I notice these things!

15. Why is Nick always stretching?? STOP IT!! But the really scary thing is that the cameras always pick it up....it makes you wonder whether he does it more than once every tv appearance.

16. 'Summer Girls' by LFO is actually a very BSB-related song. Consider some of the words: "I like the colour purple, macaroni and cheese.." HELLO?? This is sooooo a Howie and Brian song!!

17. At the Orlando Fan Conference: Nick when asked if he could change something about the world: "Try to ban all weapons...cause weapons are really bad." WHAT?? I thought ya wanna ban weapons cause they were GOOD, Nick

18. Exactly where do they dump their jackets when they take them off during concerts?

19. Why are they always changing seats during award shows?? It's like the first ten minutes, Aj sits on the outside. Camera pans over again later, Nick's sitting out there. Another example of their boredom. First they play with things, then they stretch, and you know they're bored when they start changing seats....

20. Did Brian and Aj write 'Let's Have A Party'? It doesn't say so in the cd but during the credits of ANOWTBSB, we clearly see Brian Littrell and Aj McLean's name....HMMMMMMM

21. They've always got those kewl tvs in the videos...the really small ones!!

22. What's with the pjs on Howie in INBYH?

23. And Kevin's got a bathtub in the middle of his room...yeah, cause I ALWAYS take a bath outside...bathrooms are completely out of the question!

24. Same video again....there's a globe in Howie's room. You'd think they'd give it to Nick instead....jeez. The boy still thinks Norway is in Sweden afterall.

25. In the AIHTG video, during Aj's solo, watch Nick. He's trying to trip Howie, I swear!

26. Same video again...after Nick's 'To You' part near the end, he puts up his hand. Itz pissed Nick!! Too bad they didn't tape it when he said "Uh-uh! Talk to the hand, cause the face don't care!"

27. When they run out in the AIHTG video at the end, you can see Brian's hesitating....Everyone's running and Bri's just like "Uh...what?"

28. It's Gotta Be You does NOT make sense. It's like "Baby, it's the way you make me, kindagetmego crazy..." But ummm..hun, the way I make you what??

29. I still don't get why they changed Heaven In Your Eyes to INYT...that friggen pissed me off! Besides the backup singers' 'woahs' were kinda annoying...

30. In DWYB, Nick sounds really weird...and Kev is like stuttering!! *GASP*

31. Spanish Eyes - I guess every fan has to be spanish now huh? I despise that! And how exactly can you love from a distance?

32. They say 'Tell Me Why' like 19 times on Millennium. And I ain't exaggerating...I counted. And there were a lot more that came close to that line too...kinda freaky huh?

33. Wouldn't it be funny if It's Gotta Be You won that 'next single' poll? Then both It's Gotta Be You and It's Gonna Be Me from *Nstync would be released!! haha...

34. In IWITW, in Aj's part he goes "The One, Desire, Yes I know" The yes I know, does not sound like a 'yes I know' ....it sounds more like another 'desire'. Did that make sense to you guyz?

35. When they're asked to sing a capella, how do they know when or where to start in a song?

36. They're always saying how they know "which buttons to push" to get each other annoyed. But what exactly are those buttons?? I mean, saying that DOES NOT answer the question guys...

37. On BSB Live at MTV, a girl asks them what's the most creative thing they did as a group. And their answer? They went out and rented "That THing You Do" and watched it together. OOOH...how CREATIVE!! The most creative thing you did was rent a movie?? What's NOT creative then?

38. Why does Brian get all the hardest questions? Everytime a hard question is asked, who do they call? Questionbuster Brian!

39. Y'all remember the first home video? The green one called 'Backstreet Boys'? Yep...ok, they showed an interview with them in like Europe or something and they were asked if they would ever wear skirts. They all scoffed and said that they wouldn't. But what do we have here? Kevin Richardson, wearing a skirt. And on national television too. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin....*sigh*

40. In 'The One' video, these girls have a poster saying 'Thank Heaven For Kevin'. That's how you can tell Kevin directed it. Notice there are no 'I Love Nick' signs in that video...

41. What is with them and flashing the peace sign everywhere?? They're ALWAYS doin it..especially Howie. In the video for 'The One', he does it like twice in a row...sheesh

42. They're in Sweden right now...you think Nick is looking for Norway?

43. Kevin is one sneaky boy!! Betcha thought Kevin didn't thank Kristin in the Thankyous for Millennium - but he did, cause he put her as part of his family. Everyone probably thought the Kristin mentioned was probably some sister in-law!! (well, that's what I thought) Then, he married her without ANYONE knowing! Sneaky, sneaky...

44.What would Kevin do if he knew about all those "opressed Kev conspiracies" a few years ago?

45. Did those actually work? hehe...they could have - considering Kevin and Howie sang a whole lot more on Millennium.

46. Nick named one of his dogs "Nicky"...that is just SO original, Nick. He obviously ran outta names for all those pugs he has.

47. Have any of them been recording a song but started laughing inthe middle of it cause it sounded so cheesy? *cough* AIHTG Part II *cough*

48. Speaking of All I Have To Give Part II, how long did it take them to record it? I mean, I wouldn't have been able to do it without laughing EVERYTIME.

49. In ANOWTBSB, Kevin says, "I'm gonna be accompanied by a celloist, and then Obie Morant on the saxophone, Freddy on acoustic guitar and Tim on the drums..." Why don't you just name the whole band, Kev?

50. And in the same video, he says "We all pick up some instruments...and some ding ding triangles" Thanks for the sound effects, Kev.

51. In the Homecoming concert, near the end of QPG, the Boys are waving their arms. When the camera does of close-up or Nick and Howie, you can see Nick giving Howie this look like "What the hell are you doin, man?"

52. Why is Kevin always the one dedicating songs to all the "moms" or all the "lovers" in the audience? Hmmmm...could it be compensation for opressing the turtle? "Kevin won't sing, we'll just give him even more seky talking parts in the shows."

53. Ever notice that sometimes the Boys do jumping jacks on stage? The concert's now a work-out video from the jumbotrons too!! Wow, two-in-one! What a deal! You see, the 60 bucks for the ticket WAS worth it!

54. Whenever Kevin laughs, his mouth is open REALLY wide. It's actually kinda freaky. I mean, like in the backstage at the grammys special on Rosie. I laughed so hard when Rosie told her jokes. Not cause the jokes were funny...it was cause of Kevin's mouth. Betcha the other Boys were laughing at his mouth too!! HA!

55. On the making of Everybody on All Access, Kevin said, "No one has done a monster type..." But didn't they base Everybody on 'Thriller'? Last time I checked, 'Thriller' was definitely a 'monster type', Kev.

56. You know how almost all of them said they weren't popular in school and kids didn't like them? One day, they'll be on Ricki Lake getting back at all their childhood enemies. LMAO

57. Who drinks Pepsi and who drinks coke?

58. What did the other Boys get Brian and Leighanne/Kevin and Kristin for their weddings?

59. Does anyone else notice that the Boys are funnier when they don't mean to be?

60. The Burger King/Backstreet Project toy manufacturers are incredibly realistic. Take a good look at the Kevin toy. They've got the caterpillar-brows down pat! Hmmm...wonder if Nick's ninja-man toy's got the ghetto booty?

61. Nick's laugh is very...unique. Listen to it - I swear, I can recognize his laugh from a mile away.

63. Like before they sing 'I Want It That Way' at PITP, Kev says "We want the sun to shine cause we want it that way." Hear Nick's laugh? I'm glad someone found that line as cheesy as I did!

62. During PITP, when they're singing 'The One', everyone's lookin at Brian. And they look so amused. Wierdos.

63. Ever notice that Mr. "Tough-Guy" Aj has the CUTEST dogs? Like his adorable terrier, Jack Daniels? What a cutie!

64. On MuchMusic Fax 10/7/2000: Cause Nick biting that thing is just SO SEXY!

65. On YTV HitList 10/13/2000: "[About 'Black and Blue']...album cover no one has seen yet." - Brian
HA! He obviously hasn't been on the Internet lately.

66. They must be so tired of answering the "What's the meaning behind 'Black and Blue'" question by now. I know I'M tired of listening to them explain.

67. "At my rate, I'll probably have a whole lot more tattoos before I walk down the aisle." - AJ
I wonder what Amanda thought when she heard him say that? Tattoos over committment. Wonderful.

68. [When asked about the Backstreet Project] "Oh, that dumb thing?" - AJ
What you didn't see was Nick beating AJ Black and Blue (Ha, I crack myself up) off-camera.

69. "If you look at the comic, I have intelligence." - Nick
Of course, that's only IN THE COMIC. No one said anything about real-life did they?

70. On the RMAs, when they're introducing Christina:
Nick: "...like this next performer, we really like her a lot!"
Kevin: "No we don't."
D-R-Y! Nothing like being blunt, huh, Kevin?

71. They were comparing tattoos backstage at the RMAs?? You mean they even compared Kev's infamous pelvic bone tattoo too? Now if only that went on camera...*wink wink*

72. Nick on Bow-Wow: "Yeah, someone gave that kid a little too much Halloween candy."
Hmph...you're one to talk.

73. Apparently, Aj can't tell the difference between lions and tigers. (RMAs)

74. Kevin: "The little koala bear was up a tree chewing on that...err...eucalyptus! He was like 'Yo man...'"
Yeah, cause Koalas tend to talk.

75. Nick: "I experienced a lot of my teenage lives with these guys."
Nick's got nine lives. *Meow*

76. In 'Everyone', they sing "You were there from the start, we know who you are." They know who we are?? Ok....no, we don't need stalkers, guys.

77. What is the deal with them and 'eating up from inside'? They sing it in 'The Call' AND 'Get Another Boyfriend'. I mean, I KNOW, I've said they were "yummy" before, but there's really no need to take it LITERALLY.

78. Nick: "I wouldn't eat AJ...he'd taste weird."
Like I said - don't take it literally!!

79. Kevin: "I'm gonna be Kev the rapper!"

80. Aj: "My mom always told me to make myself happy first and everyone around you will be happy, but in this case, I gotta be selfish and make the fans happy first and that just makes me that much more happy."
Uh...come again? I listened to this TWICE...and it still made absolutely ZERO sense. WTF??

81. Brian singing SOMH a capella: "Stay here, don't put out the glow, glow, glow..."
LMAO...real convincing echo, Bri.

82. Kevin and AJ flew the plane on their 100-Hour Round-The-World Promo Tour. The rest of the Boys must have been scared...I know I would have been.

83. Nick: "I think they're gonna be very successful if they just stick together and just stay true to the music, and true to what they are, and that's all they need to know..."
Hey Nick - are you sure that's ALL they need to know??

84. Nick: "And uh...I think that's all I haveta say!"
You THINK, Nick?

85. Aj: "...meeting Max Martin...long blond hair, freaky lookin guys."
Freaky? Who's the one wearing NAIL POLISH??

86. Nick: "The single life is treating us REALLY good."
Are you implying something, Nickolas? Mrs. Carter's not gonna be happy when she hears about this.

87. When asked what they thought of Robbie Williams' 'Rock DJ' video, Nick said "It made me hungry."

88. On Mel C's new song 'Never Be The Same Again', Nick said "That song was BAD....No, I mean good."
Good save, Nicky.

89. Howie: "Just call him at 1-800 Middle-Man."

90. Nick: "Kevin's always listening to some weird stuff!"
LMAO. And they wonder why Kevin gets pissed at him all the time...

91. At the NYC Press Conference on the 21st, Howie asked "So did you all go get the album yet?" like 5 seconds after Aj said the EXACT SAME thing. Redundant much, Howard?

92. Nick: "I got to run around in my boxers a lot."
Cause we needed another heart attack right then. Thanks Nick.

93. AJ: "It's really, really terrible how this world revolves around sex."
Riiight...cause Aj wasn't the Backstreet Boy who humps floors.

94. Brian: "You even pull your cheeks apart! You lean over to do it, man! One time in Europe, we were onstage, and Nick let one go, and it was like a green film. I was singing, `I'll never break your Ė argggg!'"
Ok, I don't need to know them THAT well. Concerts will never be the same again will they? Thanks Brian, for SCARRING ME FOR LIFE.

95. Kevin on Nick: "You name it, we've got into a fight over it. I'll try to give him advice, but I'm kind of blunt. It pisses him off, and he gets mad. He's hit me in the face, right here in the cheekbone. He's hit AJ, too. He's a good guy, but when he went through this swinging stage."
Never tell Nick what to do people...

96. Kevin: "OK, I rub one out every once in a while, but if one of uis a s chronic masturbator, it's Nick."
Great...I just lost my appetite.

97. How come Nsync got a Billboard award for highest first-week sales and the Boys didn't when they broke the record with Millennium?

98. 70% of fanfics are about one of the Boys and a girl being best friends and it turns into something more. How Did I Fall In Love With You is about how one of the Boys and a girl were best friends but now it turns out to be something more. Hmmm....maybe Howie's been spending too much time on the net...and reading too many fanfics. LMAO

99. A perfect ad for Howie's new BSB Thesaurus (Much In Stockholm) that he's "selling on the next tour" would be:
"The NEW Howie D Thesaurus includes such famous words as 'long-term-gevity', 'celloist', 'unguyly', 'congratulative', and 'hyperest'! Get it now for the special low price of only $1.99!"

100. [Hey check it out...it's number 100!!] I don't know about you, but I like to read the album credits in cds. So anyway, I was reading away and whenever the Boys have writing credits for a song, their publishing company (or whatever it is) is printed. Like Brian's is B-Rok Publishing, Kevin's is K R Son Music, Aj's is AJ Shadz, Inc., and Howie's is Howie Dorough Music. Now these are all understandable - like I get how they got those names. But then we have Nick "Mr. Creative" Carter, and his is BDN Music! What that has to do with the guy, I have NO IDEA...
*Margie (thanx babe!) tells me that she thinks BDN stands for 'Big Daddy Nick'. LMAO...dayum, i should have thought of that. That is SO NICK. ~Big Pimpin down in NYC...~

102. So did AJ keep his promise and actually quit smoking like he was supposed to? Or can we really call 1-800 Middle Man if we catch him?

103. SuperBowl Anthem: Oh my god it's HOWIE! [We love you Howie, you did a great job...we're just...surprised]

104. What is up with Nick kissing the guys? First, he kissed Aj on the For The Fans vid, then you see him kissing Howie in the SOMH Making the Video. That's TWICE, dude. If you wanna kiss someone so bad...at least pick a girl. Hell, you can even kiss me - ya see, i'm nice like that. Just come and get it, baby. *wink*

105. Y-100 Interview: DJ - "And the way to really get your goat is to call you a boyband...you hate that, hate that, hate that don't you?"
Kevin - "Yeah."
Way to be blunt, huh Kevin?

106. How come Born Into Kaos didn't get signed on to the Boys record label?

107. If the castle in the 'Everybody' video was so scary lookin, why the hell would they wanna sleep there? Hello..i wouldn't trust that place.

108. 1999 Billboard Awards - Instead of Artist of the Year, Kevin should have gotten an award for longest acceptance speech. Man...it kept going, and going, and going...Like the Energizer bunny. LMAO

109. All I Have to Give is a teacher's nightmare. The grammar is so bad, it'a scary. They sing "DOES his gifts come from the heart" and "DOES his friends get all your time". Everytime I listen to it, I end up screaming "DO! It's DO!" cause it's so annoying.

110. No where in the song 'Give Me Your Heart' do they actually sing "Give Me Your Heart". There's "Give me your love" and "I'll give you my heart" but nope, no "Give me your heart". So wouldn't the name 'Give Me Your Love' fit so much better guys?

111. Kevin: "If you get kinda freaked out, just close your eyes, and just sing."
I guess that means Brian gets freaked out pretty often.

112. If Nick has graduated from high school already and has his diploma and everything...does that make him smarter than me? Crap, I feel dumb now.

113. We all know Nick wasn't very liked in school...but if he stayed in school, and grew up to be as hot as he is now, would he have been the hot, popular, jock all the cheerleaders went after?

114. Ben Affleck said once in an interview that Josh Hartnett was like "all the Backstreet Boys in one". And hey, I agree with that. He's got a little of Brian's cheekbones, Kevin's mysteriousness and even some of those brows, Nick's hotness (hehe), AJ's skinnyness (kinda), and Howie's sweetness (yeah, I know, I'm stretching it there LOL).

115. I can see Nick at 60 be like Rod Stewart now, singing Forever Young...scary stuff dude.

116. Ever notice that when Kevin is explaining something, the other Boys get this glazed-over look? I know how you feel, guys - really, I do.

117. MuchMusic Interiview (Sept. 2001) - I'm resisting the urge to pull on Nick's hoodstring cause it's so darn uneven - not that I can of course, considering I'm over here and he's kinda in the TV...but the urge is still there!

118. I think I know why Nick is so overly-dramatic - so you can't ignore him even if you wanted to.

119. What's their favourite flavour of Chapstick?

120. What subjects did they take in high school? Cause if any of them took Physics - I have a total new-found respect for them. LOL

121. Nick: "I'm not gonna lie, because any man in my...er, any GUY in my position would definitely enjoy all the attention the girls give us." LMFAO Apparently Nick doesn't consider himself to be a man...he's a GUY. What a turn-on. *note the sarcasm*

122. I like how the Boys were the first performers at United We Stand and *Nsync was one of the last (with about 9 hours between the two), after all that hype in the media about them sharing the same stage. DONíT WORRY KIDS, THEY STILL HATE EACH OTHER!

123. Isnít it funny how when articles talk about the Boysí hobbies, AJ is STILL into ventriloquism and Kevin is STILL a ballroom dance instructor? Right, cause Kevin actually has a job on the side as a dance instructor since he doesnít get enough money from being a Backstreet Boy already.

124. Nick on Loveline: Talking about I Want It That Way, Nick says "I forgot the words." How can you forget the words, you only sing them every night!

125. I wonder what goes through their minds when they see their crazy fans. Do they try and guess who their favourite Backstreet Boys are? "She liked me!" "No, she liked ME!"

126. Wonder if their siblings are embarassed for them like I get embarassed for MY brother when he does something stupid.

127. Why does AJ wave his fingers around non-stop when he sings? (Watch their performance of Drowning on Rosie - Nov. 2001)

128. Grammys 2002: Was it just me or did Brian just grab AJ's crotch? I swear, they do this just so I have something to write about on here.

129. ET's Acuvue Cam with Aaron & Nick to the Grammys 2002: Aaron hits Nick with the microphone while he's talking and Nick apologizes for him...then waits a minute before he says "Don't do that again." It's like I could see the information slowly travelling up to his brain to be processed in that little blond head of his. Delayed reaction much, Nicky?

130. Aaron stole his brother's bad airplane glasses. Guess Nick found out Aaron wears them a heck of a lot nicer than he does.

131. Aaron bit Nick on the shoulder. Nick: "I feel like bitin'!" What did I say about similarities?

132. Nick's tips on how to make people forget about your recent arrest: Look damn good at your next public appearance.

133. Nick doesn't "tend to brush his teeth all that often". Yummy.

134. "Wait a minute it's not 9 to 2 doofus, it's 9 to 3!" Nick's SUCH a sore loser lmao

135. Nick seems to think putting his hood on will make him laugh less.

136. "God, this water smells! It's like someone's been peeing in this for 500 years!" So THAT explains why you're still splashing around in it!