Awww...I feel so bad for Pissed Girl.

Ooooh we get to see Kevin seky-talk! With the whole early 90's too-much-gel hairstyle too! What fun!

Kev's all seky-talking the girl up and the rest of the boys are just standing there like his posse backing him up...Howie's even nodding like "Word, brotha!"

Matching sweaters! Lou really believed in that All-Americanism-As-A-Marketing-Tool idea didn't he?

My goodness Brian had the straight-across-square haircut going on...ermmmm

Why does Brian get Pissed Girl when Kevin was the one seky-talking her up?

Simultaneous Hot Chocolate Drinking! Talent!

Nothing like being bright on the ski slopes, huh boys? I'm just surprised we're not in red, white and blue.

I love the corny dancing.

Poor Brian has no friends! Good thing Pissed Girl is there to conveniently fall down the minute she hits the ground.

Snowmen with fake snow...how authentic.

Speaking of which, the sunset looks mighty fake too. When was the last time you saw the sky looking that pretty? Thought so.

They went toboganning down a 2-foot slope...on fake snow...like I said, I love the good ol' days.