Ok, I'm gonna say it once cuz BSB fans are usually pretty good about this sort of thing. So, here goes: Please DO NOT take the photos/pictures on this page....or anywhere else on this site actually. I took the time to make/develop these pics, you didn't. They are my memories that I'm sharing with you, the people who come to this site, and you guys only. I don't want them all over the net. If that came out harsh, sorry! Thanx a bunch!

So......this is where I tell you all about March 14, 2000 - probably an insignificant day in your life, but a VERY significant one in mine. That wonderful day I woke up and realized - I, Jennifer, was gonna go to the Backstreet Boys concert today - my very first concert and I'm gonna to see my Absolute Favourite 5 guys in the world - how wonderful was that? So me and my two friends drove the one and a half hour drive to Hamilton, Ontario and found Copps Coliseum! And what was the first thing we saw? Two buses from Florida parked outside. TOUR BUSES! But then we realized they were probably the stage crew's buses cuz they can't risk having the Boys out in the open. Anyway, we went into the venue at 6:30. When we got in, after buying our tour programs and Backstreet Project Comics, I realized just how freakin close to the stage we were. 11th Row.

If you were there, I was the one that screamed and got a lot of ppl annoyed with me...teehee - SORRY! So we found our seats and waited.....and waited and finally, the lights dimmed and...*drumroll*...the JUNGLE BROTHERS came on! damn, those guys were FUNNY!! The funniest opening act ever! We're in the VIP everyone! WHOOOOOO!! LMAO...
Yep, so the Jungle Brothers were on for about half an hour until 8. Then, we figured Willa would come on next. So we waited.....and waited...and waited. And she never came on. To this day, I wonder why not. I wanted to see her dammit. I want to see if she's reall that bad (or that good). But then 8:45 rolled around and the lights dimmed again and familiar Star Wars music came on. Finally, The Backstreet Boys were here!! Here is the list of songs they sang:

Larger Than Life
Get Down
The One
As Long As You Love Me
Don't Wanna Lose You Now
Quit Playing Games With My Heart
Don't Want You Back
The Perfect Fan
Back To Your Heart
We've Got It Goin On
That's The Way I Like It
Spanish Eyes
I'll Never Break Your Heart
No One Else Comes Close
All I Have To Give
Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely
It's Gotta Be You
I Want It That Way

Of course, the Boys looked and sounded amazing. Brian's voice was beautiful and Nick looked just DEAD S-E-X-Y! Before, I thought the spiky hair didn't look good on Nick but after that concert, I changed my mind completely. Kevin played piano and Nick played the drums for "Back To Your Heart" and it was PERFECT! Kevin looked like an angel with his piano, I swear! Aj flew over my side and sprayed water out at us which was fun...his hair was dyed blond.
And all the guys said the cutest things throughout the concert. Here are some quotes that I still remember (they're not exact though):
Brian: "Have you guys heard of the saying 'Save The Best For Last'? Well we chose Canada as the last stop of our tour."
Nick: *During It's Gotta Be You when they announce the dancers* "You guys are on MY side!" (which made everyone scream)

So there you have it - my review of the most amazing day of my life. My ears were still ringing from the screaming when I got home and I probably suffered permanent hearing damage, but hey, it was worth it. Now, what you've all been waiting for - the PICTURES!! [They're not that good cuz it was kinda dark...sorry. You can click on some for the fullsize image.]

"You're all on MY side!"

~*The GrAnDe Finale*~