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The Tonight Show - March 16, 2001

My first reaction - dayum, Nick looks good.

My second reaction - Stompy strikes again.

Is Nick wearing a T-shirt under that blazer?? Of course...cause t-shirts totally go with suits. *sigh*

That girl Nick sang to was unappreciative. Well, I guess it is a bit overwhelming but he was hanging on to her FINGER!

After Nick's little twirl (hey, I thought only Howie did that), Nick had the weirdest look on his face. It was quite...ODD.

It was all going really good...everyone looked good, the song was beautiful...but then Nick HAD to get all into it. I was concentrating (ok, maybe concentrating isn't the right word, but ya know), and then all of a sudden, I see Nick practically having a stroke over there. I ended up laughing through the whole thing...and hiding my face in embarassment *Whoever said NICK was my favourite? LMAO*

Ok Nick, what did your jacket ever do to you? He's pulling and grabbing it like there's no tomorrow...

When the camera was panning over it was like la-dee-da, there's Kev, Bri, Aj, Howie and....woah there Nicky, calm yourself.

At the end of the song, Brian looks like he's in a trance or something. *You...are...getting...

During the whole interview, all Howie got to say was "get a lot of air". Awww...so I'm guessing he's the mute one now.

You go, Brian!!

Aj really likes doing the booty dance doesn't he?

Aj's vain thing wasn't new...it's always been there! Didn't faze me at all...

But Kevin's eyelids did. That was just plain GROSS!

They said Kevin's eyelids trick was from Kentucky...uh, don't think so! People do it all the time!

I can't believe they had a coke ready for Nick so he could belch...guess you can never be too prepared huh?

The belch was bad...but not half as bad as his face when he did it. It was like...contorted.

Nick: "That was the pretty version."
I'd hate to see the ugly one...

Brian was DEAD ON with that impression, yo. Scary...

Poor Howie got left out!! We luv ya howard!