This site would NOT have been possible without the Love and Support *KEVY!!!* of many people. So, first off, I'd like to thank YOU (yeah you!!) the one reading this right now! *sorry, couldn't help myself* But really...I mean, thanks for comin to my page...imagine if NO ONE came...my oh my, wouldn't that suck...I'd have wasted all that time on NOTHING!! So thanks...and if you're STILL here reading this - mad props to you! LOL

Next the Backstreet Boys (duh) - Thank you guys for the inspiration. Obviously, this site would not be in existence without the five of you. If you ever read this - you're the reason and I love you for the experience you've been able to give me, without even knowing it. :)

Whodaman: If you've never been to this site, I suggest you go now. They are the reason this site contains any humour whatsoever. I've remembered nights when I practically died laughing at the computer. I know I've always had the humour in me somewhere but Whodaman was what helped me find the voice to share it. So thanks to the Whodaman ladies for everything. :)

Friends and Family: My kickass family...they'll most likely never see this and never know it, but I LOVE YOU (I just have weird ways of showing it)...so if you see this, know that! My close friends: Em, Ada, Mi, Vee, Mish, Krissy, as well as my close online friends (LOL) - Kasi, and Kit - you all rock, thank you for being there for me. (Kasi, you're a hilarious psycho, and I love you for it :)

Every one who has given me an award: It means a lot to me and I love each and every single one I've ever recieved. To the webmasters/mistresses of the sites who have been kind enough to recognize this site - thank you for putting all those smiles on my face.

Too everyone I have met online through this site - you're all awesome. I've made so many new friends and I love you all: Janie, April, K, Diana, Trista, Linda...who am I missing? Well if I forgot you, sorry, I'm writing this at 2AM in the morning, forgive me :)

Everyone who has emailed me or signed the guestbook, leaving behind an encouraging message or complimenting me on the site: I read and keep every one of them - your comments are why I love updating this site.

God: Saving the best for last...I LOVE YOU! As Nick would say, You rock dude. LOL :)

Hugs, Kisses, and Cookies, :)

P.S. So was that sappy enough for you? *haha*