Oooh look at that...they're all MACHO walking in the warehouse in slow motion and all.

What's with the backdrops on the screen? It's not like they're too CHEAP to actually GO to the place...buy one less car Nick doesn't drive and TADA!

I'm liking the whole "I'm a cowboy" look...really, I am.

There just happens to be an abandoned werehouse (with a big ass screen someone stole from the movie theatre) in the middle of the desert - yeah, okay.

Where the heck are they walking to - it's a DESERT!

They let AJ drive? I believe Aj is the one who failed his driving test SEVERAL times - I wouldn't get into a car with him if you paid me.

Aren't the windmills pretty...

Nick obviously has a thing for twirling around...must be part of his whole 'Get-Really-Into-It-During-More-Than-That' plan.

Wonder what was going through Howie's mind when Nick was hanging onto his hand at the end there?

So THAT'S why I saw a picture of Kevin with a huge hose during the video shoot - they wanted a wet floor so it'd be all shiny! No idea WHY they wanted it shiny, but hey, at least part of the mystery's solved.