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Did you know that outside of the Backstreet Boys, there are some REALLY gorgeous celebrities out there? *gasp* I know, it's shocking, I just realized that fact myself. And when I did, you can imagine how excited I got. So many cute guys, so little time! So I thought to myself - what on Earth shall I do about that? Thus, this page was born. I've seen it before at some other sites - a page to showcase other stars the webmistress may be in love with. So here you go! You get to see my List of Obsessions - revised as the site gets updated just so you can see how fickle I really am! *cheers and applause*

Who Jen Loves The Most Right Now:

Nick Carter
Who is he? Really, I don't think that's neccessary - this whole site IS about him and his Backstreet Buddys. lol
Why I'm in love: Talent + Funny + Dorky + Very High Cuteness Factor = PERFECT!

Ben Affleck
Who is he? Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbor, The Sum of All Fears, Daredevil...need I go on?
Why I'm in love: Do you know how funny this man is? Hotness, intelligence AND a sense of humour! What more could a girl want?

Evan Taubenfeld
Who is he? Guitarist for Avril Lavigne (ya know...the girl who sings 'Complicated')
Why I'm in love: I'm a sucker for guitarists. And he's a really good one who just happens to be extremely good looking too. Did I mention I saw those crazily blue eyes up close? Yup, died right there.

Paul Kariya
Who is he? Hockey player for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and Team Canada during the Olympics.
Why I'm in love: He`s a REALLY good hockey player. He`s Canadian. And he`s really, really cute. :)

Josh Hartnett
Who is he? Remember that cute guy in 'Pearl Harbor'?
Why I'm in love: He`s just so darn mysterious and intriguing.

Wild Card 1:
Andy Roddick
Who is he? Ever seen the Powerade commercial where the tennis player hits the ball so hard, it goes into the ground? That would be him.
Why I'm in love: Have you seen the muscles on this guy? Yup, he belongs on Baywatch or something...he's seriously got the perfect body. Yeah, so it's purely physical. That's why he's a wild card, and not up there...YET. lmfao

Wild Card 2:
Matthew McConaughey
Who is he? The leading man in 'The Wedding Planner'
Why I'm in love: He's got the whole rugged-texan thing going on. And he played an unbelievably sweet and romantic doctor (DOCTOR!) in the Wedding Planner. And how many people can look that good in glasses? NOT MANY!