Let the porno begin!

Nick should not be running his hands through his hair...*mutters* tease

I like the whole fuzzy-dream-sequence look they've got goin on. It's...interesting.

Kevin's all shagadelic in this video lmao

Only Backstreet Boys would wear sunglasses in deserted parks at night.

Nick's taking over-acting to a whole new level in this video. Who knew he had it in him?

They like to spread their arms out a lot don't they. Or maybe it's just Howie. Voila.

What's with all the slow-motion? And going in and out of focus? Oh right...the porno/dream thing.

And then outta nowhere, it's pouring and they're now dressed in different, easier-to-take-off clothes. Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

Nick needs to stop touching his hair dammit. ESPECIALLY not in the rain. *mutters some more*

Oh my...Nick is striking poses in the back there.

Crap Brian, don't fling your head like that.

And Howie's shirt is now all the way off...oh gosh, it's a completely naked torso I'm seeing up close here...MOMMY!

And I'm STILL uncomfortable watching this in front of my parents...yup, i'm pretty sure my dad will have a coronary when the rain starts pouring.