"She was naked, but she had the blurry spots...it was very shocking...it was very traumatic."
-Nick on Alanis Morrisette's 'Thank You' video

Like he's never seen a naked woman before. Pffft.

Past Quotes:
Kevin: "We're shooting up like pop tarts."
Howie: "I'm Sexual Chocolate."
Nick: "I'm Sexual Strawberry."
"That's the toilet?! Holy sh*t!" - AJ
"Kev's all up in the mountains so he listens to those serenity tapes." - Nick
"Brian Thomas Littrell...makes good hush puppies!" - AJ & Howie
"No naked fat guys...." - Nick
"Who whizzed in your cheerios?" - Kevin
"There's not enough room in here for all of you and my hair" - Howie
"He likes silicone valley." - Nick
"In regards to the big belly, um, Aaron this is low-fat yogourt alright, and I'm at a candy store right now and I'm eating low-fat yogourt! And it doesn't matter, cause I'm still gonna have the girls, and I'm gonna be better than you, okay buddy?" - Nick