------// I AM

Hey…um…I’m not a teenybopper, or a mad fan. And I don’t cover every inch of my walls with posters, or own every piece of merchandise made – including the ones on e-bay. And I don’t know Leighanne, Mandy, or Kristin although I'm sure they're all really nice. Uh, BSB are a vocal harmony group, not a boy band. They write their own songs and are truly talented. And I pronounce it “Lit-trull”, not “Littrelle”. I can proudly blast Millennium in the car. I believe in humour, not hate; BSB, not *Nsync. To have a receding hairline is considered sexy and speaking at a rate of 5 words per minute is perfectly normal. And Lil Tyk is a truly proud and noble animal. The ladder is the perfect dance accessory and it is pronounced “Door-ro”, not “Dor-rowe”, Dorough! The Backstreet Boys are the best group in the world, the first creator of flying in concerts, and the best thing about Florida!! My name is *insert your name here* and I Am a Backstret Boys Fan!! Thank you.

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