Sometimes, they do things that make you just so damn proud of them, and proud to be a Backstreet Boys fan. Or they simply put a smile on your face. Here's a list of of those things:

1. Nick's hair.
2. Nick's lips...haha...in I Want It That Way, the way his lips pucker up is just so damn CUTE!!!!! What is he trying to do, give us a heart attack???
3. Grammy Performances
4. Brian's voice - the way it ALWAYS sounds good, no matter where he is...what he did, as long as you love him..sorry, couldn't help it.
5. The songs they write...That's What She Said and If You Knew What I Knew...gotta love them.
6. Brian's little "run" when he performs ALAYLM...you know, cuz he's always on the run rite?
7. Can't forget his "hello"s either
8. The dumb things they say...they're dumb but still cute...heck, isn't everything they do cute?
9. Nick's very rare smiles...well maybe they're not that rare but when he breaks out that irrestible grin, no matter what, even if your bf just dumped you and you're PMSing and your mom is yelling at you, it still makes you smile. Everything seems to go away cuz you know, you're happy if he's happy. The world just seems alright afterall.
10. How they take time out for their fans - cuz seriously, they don't owe us ANYTHING! It was OUR decision to buy their cds and OUR decision to fall in love with them, afterall.
11. Howie's niceness. Sure, he tries too hard, but it's nice....=)
12. How they bring people closer together...they don't know how many friends I made through them
13. The way Brian and Nick are best friends and always goof off together
14. The way they can beat *Nsync in anything...admit it! Itz TRUE! LOL
15. All the stuff they dedicate to us - a song AND a video AND a book.
16. The way Kevin scrunches up his nose when he laughs!!
17. Nick making People's Most Beautiful - all I can say about that is "ABOUT TIME!"
18. Photos of Nick shirtless - actually NO, that's NOT good - we're all gonna get heart problems! But those have been popping up a lot lately...hmmmm
19. Brian would make the PERFECT daddy.
20. Howie tries so hard to be sexy (and sometimes it works) but then you see Aj and he just IS withought even lifting a finger!
21. Nick's laugh is CONTAGIOUS, I swear!
22. Burger King Commercials
23. I Want It That Way - BK Style (ya know, from the 'For The Fans' video)
24. Brian and Leighanne
25. Kevin and Kristin
26. The way Aj teases us by saying he'll move to [insert your city here] for all the beautiful ladies. We know he says that in EVERY stop of the tour but we love it anyway.
27. Blessing the world with their beautiful voices
28. Kevin's lil "jiggy" dance. (well that's what I call it)
29. Howie skipping.
30. All the Backstreet hype whenever a new album comes out - makes you feel so proud!!
31. New singles...SHAPE OF MY HEART BABY!!
32. Nick and Aaron.
33. Brian waving at the camera - makes you wanna wave back at the television too. Who cares what people will think?
34. The dumbass things they do that just scream "MAKE FUN OF ME!!"
35. Hosting Award Shows
36. Aaron saying "I've always wanted to be like my brother."
37. Black & Blue
38. Kevin: "To all the people that stood in line, slept in the rain and cold to see us on TRL or see our show or buy our records or just say hi. To all our incredible fans the world over, I love you and I'll see you soon." - Doesn't it make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? =)
39. ANOTHER song about us - Everyone and Larger Than Life. Thanks guys...=)
40. Nick's ability to turn his ghetto talk on and off. LMAO
41. Brian talking to his puppies: "Don't worry, Daddy's coming home soon!"
42. BSB Fans have a kick-ass information system. The minute something happens, it's on the internet within a day and everyone knows about it. HA! Don't think any other band can do that!
43. Nick's Thank-Yous in albums are always SO FUN to read! I'm telling you, the kid can be a writer some day - like thank yous usually get boring after a paragraph or two but nope, not Nick's...
44. Singing the National Anthem at the Superbowl and proving those football guys wrong (and not to mention making even CANADIANS feel proud).
45. Seeing how much each of them have grown.
46. Aj shaking his butt.
47. A lot of fans singing Shape Of My Heart together...including the echoing glow part.
48. The clapping part in Shining Star.
49. Nick acting like a weirdo dancing on the plane on the Around the World Tour.
50. Brian's song for Leighanne. *sniff*
51. "I've always wanted a little brother...now I have four." - Kevin
52. Aj and Nick doing the booty dance.
53. Aj's raspy voice. *SEXY*
54. The fact that they always try to give the fans the BEST show they can give, even when they're sick or just plain feeling out of it. They always have a smile on their face, no matter what. (Thank you guys.)
55. Honesty.
56. The fact that they are HUMAN.
57. They care about us, even though I'm sure some of us can be a wee bit annoying at times. =)
58. I know I've probably said this before, but I feel the need to say it again: Nick's smile can light up a freaking room.
59. They can still act like kids when they want to.
60. They have a good sense of humour.
61. They treat their fans like equals. Even if you just met them and are bugging for an autograph, they'll stop to ask you how YOU'RE doing.
62. They try to do as much as they can for their fans. "We can't let them just stand there and just wave at 'em or something. So we tried our HARDEST to sing on the boat, and I don't know if they heard it or not."
63. They played with the sliding pressure doors on the plane. I love guys who can be dorky like that. LOL
64. How many bands can say they've sung with Elmo?
65. Kevin was all tough and manly on Fear Factor - whoo, baby! lmao And he got the most flags over in the first stunt too...*sniff sniff* I'm so proud.
66. I wanna breathe you/I wanna feel you near/This is my confession/I wanna see what you see when you cry those tears/This is my confession/I wanna breathe you/I wanna feel you near/Maybe it's obsession/This is my confession.
67. Nick saying "Wassup...dudeeeee"