Here I was, thinking Nick's new do will look bad...but then he has to go and surprise me and look dayum good...what an ass.

They're all drinking out of those styrofoam cups...wonder what's in it? Probably nothing.

NAIL POLISH IS FOR GIRLS!!! Someone get Aj a bottle of Cutex cause the nail polish is SO not working for me.

Nick seemed to have a lot of fun looking at the guy and the girl under the table. PERV!

But really, what's with the whole under-the-table deal anyway?

Ok, the whole Nick-dropping-the-paper thing was very S-E-X-Y. *drool* But look - he drops the paper and the next thing ya know, it's back in his hand again!

Does it seem like one minute the girl's a blonde, then the next minute, she's a brunette to anyone else?

Well they're really into the whole Black and Blue theme aren't they?