------// THE STORY

So, how did the Backstreet Boys get together? Well they weren't manufactured.....like many other bands we know and ummm....I guess some of us love. *cough*NSync*cough*

Anyway, the Backstreet Story starts like this:

The Setting: Orlando, Florida and Lexington, Kentucky
The Players: Aj, Nick, Howie, Kevin and Brian
The Plot: It all started in Orlando, Florida, where Aj, Nick and Howie met. They kept bumping into each other at all the talent competitions they competed in. They started singing together and formed a small group.
That's when Kevin comes along. Originally from Lexington, he moves to Orlando on a whim, and gets a job at Disney World playing Aladdin. Mentionning that he wanted to join a band again (he used to be in a small band in Kentucky), one of his co-workers told him about three guys he knew that could harmonize really well. Those three guys were Nick, Aj and Howie.
The four guys started singing together, but they realized they needed one more voice to fill out the sound. That's when Kevin called his cousin Brian in Kentucky on April 13, 1993 and asked him to join the group, pulling him out of his 5th period American History class.
Brian flew down to Florida the very next day, and the rest was history.

Interesting Fact: Brian and Kevin didn't have much professional singing backgrounds before the Backstreet Boys, but both sang in church when they were little.