Awww...Poor kitty cat looks lonely!

It's 11:54 PM...where's YOUR boyfriend?

When AJ is walking towards the girl in the club, he walks by this girl who looks all of ten! How did she get in there? Some clubhe's in...

The cab has a no-smoking sign on it. Oh no, Aj...looks like you're gonna have to quit earlier than planned.

The girl gets to make out with AJ and she ditches him??

So basically...they're sayin the girl is a witch or something...cause she's obviously got magical powers to make people disappear.

Brian getting attacked during Nick's part is weird - confuses me everytime.

Who's the genius who thought up the grocery store idea? Cause it makes no sense, dude.

Mmmm...Nick driving that car is too sexy! First there were the papers, now it's the car. Damn, boy.

Half the time, I confuse Howie for the girl. Ya need a haircut Howie honey.

The car crashes and flips over, but then it's right again. Apparently the girl can fix cars too.