------// THE ONE

Chapter 1

“O-M-G!!!” I screamed, “Only 10 days left!!!!!!!!!!!”
I was going ballistic while telling Nikki that the Backstreet Boys’ concert was only in a few more days.
“I wish you could go with me!! That would be so awesome!!! Me, you and my cousin screaming at the top of our lungs as we watch our men in action! I know we would have the best time!”
“Your cousin…who?”
“Erin! Don’t you remember me telling you about her? We’re so close, we might as well be sisters.”
“Oh yeah, is she into BSB too?”
“Totally! We both have our walls plastered with Backstreet and Aaron pictures! She’s just like you and me - Backstreet Fanatics!”
“Really?!? Cool.. does she not have tickets either?”

Later in English class...
Nikki squealed when I walked into Mr.Simmins’ awesome English class.
“Guess what?!!?!?!!? Well.. no, I take that back! Don’t even guess! Cause you’ll never believe what just happened!”

Found out that her MAJOR crush (for the past however many years) came up and was talking to her for a while and surprised her with an extra Backstreet ticket! Supposedely his sister bought one for a friend, but she couldn’t make it after all, and him knowing how much she liked them, he offered it to her.

“Oh, Nikki that’s great!! Maybe I’ll see you there!”
“Wouldn’t that be the best thi-..”
Nikki got cut off as Mr. Simmin’s walked in and asked us politely to quiet down. We couldn’t help but giggle at his cart!

(See..he has this cart in his room and on it is nothing but Austin Power stuff!!)

We looked up and saw him putting on his British hat!
Everyone cracked a smile as he turned around and did an Austin Powers’ impersonation.
He’s almost as big as a fanatic with British and Austin Powers stuff as we are with the Backstreet Boys - but not quite!

No one could be anywhere near a fanatic of anything, as Nikki and I are of the Backstreet Boys-
And that’s a fact!


Part 2

Man! I’m starvin! I hope no one else heard my stomach growling!
I looked around the classroom. No one seemed to notice (thank goodness). Just then, the bell sounded.
At last! Lunch time!

As I got to the cafeteria, I grabbed a chair and sat down with a bunch of my pals who were already digging into their meals.
“Hungry?” I asked.
“Oh definitely!” Kim replied, her mouth half full.
“So where’s my lunch..?” I asked.
Chelsie slid down my usual: cheese pizza, a bag of chips, and a Hawaiian punch.
“Thanks Chels.”
“No problem! I told you I’d get your lunch from now on.”
“I know, I know. But I wasn’t sure if you were still going to do it or not. Still tryin to lose weight huh?”
“Is it working for you?”
“Actually it is!”
“Well that’s good.. but I don’t know how you can go without lunch! I’m always craving this stuff once French gets out!”
“I can tell!”
“That obvious!?”
We all cracked up.
“Hey- Only 10 more days guys!” I said with total happiness.
Kelly rolled her eyes along with Chelsie.
(They both think Nsync is so much better. I don’t know why... but they do.)
“Yeah, yeah, yeah..” Kelly replied, “No biggie.”
“Yes it is!!” Trisha and I chimed in.
Laughter filled the air once again.
“So did ya end up getting tickets for the Cincinnati show?” I asked Trisha.
“No! Me and my mom waited in line forever! But by the time we got to the booth, they were sold out!! How in the world did you score tickets for the concert, Mandy?”
“Ohh well, I didn’t go wait in line! My next door neighbor offered to get me a ticket while they went down instead of us making 2 separate trips. They just happened to be the 11th people in line who got to purchase them! They said they gave them the best ones they had left.. so I’m assuming we’ve got pretty decent seats!”
“No wonder! 11th in line!? Man! I wonder how they managed that?”
“I dunno! But I sure am glad they did!”
“Yeah I bet!”
“So did you end up not getting any tickets or what?”
“Well like I said, when we got up there, the show for Cincinnati was sold out, so they started selling tickets for the Lexington show. My mom just got us tickets for that.. but they’re not very good seats.”
“Aw! I’m sorry! But hey, it’s better than nothing!”
“Yeah I guess so!”
“Gosh. I can’t believe you guys are excited over all this. The only reason I’d want to go is to see how Brian and AJ looks..”
“Ohh! So you admit it Kelly! You do like BSB!”
“Only Brian and AJ... But Nsync’s still way better!”
“Yeah right! Well you just keep on thinking whatever you want to Kelly, because BSB’s a whole lot better than Nsync will ever be!”
“No! That’s just your opinion!”
“Sorry hun! That’s a fact!”

We all forgot the little discussion we were having, and we all turned and looked in the same direction. Coming our way was Sean.
Sean Greco.
A senior who seemed to stun all girls by his looks.
But we knew the real him.
He was a true jerk.
We watched as he made his move on yet another freshman girl. Everyone rolled their eyes in unison and watched him in disgust.

*He needs to get a life!*

He’d go and invite a girl on a date and then would never show up. Once again, another girl would be stood up. This was a game Sean and his buddies played. Somehow they got a kick out of this.

Could all older guys be as rude, and unthoughtful as Sean?
Surely there’s gotta be someone out there who’s not a jerk, immature, not still going through puberty, stuck up, or only after certain things..

But here at Scott High School ~ none of this was true.
Well… not anyone who was currently taken or being crushed on by someone else.

Surely, there’s someone out there for me.
“He’ll come in your life, when you least expect it,” I said replaying the words my grandmother had said to me, just a few weeks ago when I was feeling down.

My grandma’s advice always ended up helping me out in the past, but this time I wasn’t too sure...

Chapter 2 Coming Soon!

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