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On the Boys:

The Backstreet Boys...what can I say? They changed my life more than you could possibly know. Without them, I would be a totally different person. They never fail to put a smile on my face all the time. They've brought me laughter, happiness, friendships and even tears. Listen to their songs or see them live once, and you know that they CAN sing, and they are talented. They sing with all their heart and soul. And I'll be forever grateful that they decided to share their gift with the rest of the world...I can't imagine how many smiles they put on people everyday. And they've never stopped making me feel so damn proud of them. Like that Grammy performance...I don't think I've ever been so proud of them before - they didn't win but they sure as hell blew the world away. They've proved themselves yet again. And they don't even have to do all the million things they do for us anymore. But they still stick around to sign autographs and hold fan conferences when they could be spending that time with girlfriends they hardly get to see. They don't HAVE to do it but they do it anyway. For that, they deserve the biggest Thank You. Heaven's missing five angels...love you mean it.

On Willa:

I figured it was time I put something up about what I think about some things cause this Willa thing is getting out of hand. I'm not trying to preach because I know for a fact that Willa DOES have an attitude towards Nick's fans. Trust me, I don't like it either, and I sure as hell don't support her arrogance. Nevertheless, I don't support people bashing her either. There IS a line. For example, the Official Willa Site had to be taken down because of some hackings that have occured. The chat/message board of the site had tons of hateful messages Backstreet "fans" placed there. NO ONE should have to deal with being called expletives and other equally bad names everyday by people who don't even know you, just because you date a guy that psychotic teenyboppers are hopelessly in love with. And I know all the Anti-Mandah fans would say, "ya, well she abused Nick!" but is there any solid proof about that? Don't tell me Nick put it on his site. It is very easy to hack into a site. And it's even easier to say things you don't mean when you're angry. Maybe Nick was angry when his and Willa's relationship ended badly. Besides, if she really was abusive, don't you think Nick would have dropped her totally instead of getting back together with her again? I mean, Nick is a big boy. He's 20. You're just questioning Nick's intelligence if you think he'd really get back together with someone who has hurt him so badly. I'm not trying to make anybody LOVE her, I simply feel that the bashing and verbal abuse people put on Willa should stop. No one deserves to be called a b*tch, whore or slut, just because of some mistakes she may have made. If she's done something bad to you, then just boycott her music. Don't buy it if and when her CD comes out. I'm not trying to suck up either because in the beginning, I didn't like Mandy either. Afterall, she DID take my Nick away! But I realized that was no reason to hate her...I'm NOT Willa's biggest fan because I don't know her - I haven't heard her sing, I don't know how talented she is, and I've never met her before. Hell, I don't even know if I LIKE her. But she must be something special if Nick, a guy who could have any girl he wants, chose her to be in love with. I only hope that Willa or Nick never have to read any of the terrible things people say on the net. And if they have, I'm sorry, cause I should have tried to stop them sooner. But on the other hand, I DO believe that Willa needs to smarten up her attitude. If she wants to be a part of the music business in the future, she should know that Nick's fans are HER potential fans. Before anyone sends me hatemail - this is just MY opinion - I'm not trying to force it on you and you don't have to agree with me. Trust me, I'll still love you even if you don't agree with me LOL

On Black & Blue:

WOW...is the best word I can come up with to describe my reaction to the Boys' new album Black & Blue. After Millennium, I admit, I wondered, "How on EARTH are they gonna be able to top that??" But once again, they proved me wrong. And they proved the rest of the world - all the critics, all the bashers, all the NSyncs - wrong too. They wouldn't be able to do it? Well think again. Because if Millennium hadn't blown you away, Black & Blue will. Black & Blue opened with 'The Call'. Talk about a slammin track. Who else could have made a song about cheating and being a playa SEXY and made every girl want them MORE? And 'Get Another Boyfriend'? I laugh everytime I hear Nick say 'Get Another Boyfriend' in the beginning. Sorry, but I find it unbelievably funny. The whole 'GO NICK!' part in the second verse too. LMAO And Shining Star is so damn funky. And people said they couldn't write. Well, SURPRISE. Oh and Howie, you don't ever have to wonder what your place in the group is - remember, you're the one who wrote some of the best songs on Black & Blue. 'How Did I Fall In Love With You' is beautiful. And if it could make Nick feel like crying, it's pretty damn good. Thanks for doing it again, guys. And Kevin - thanks for the thank you... in Nick's words: "You da bomb!" Can't wait till you do it again, guys.

On the Black & Blue World Tour:

So I went to the Toronto concert on the Black & Blue World Tour on February 7th and so I'm sure if you read my entire review (you can read it here), you would know that I loved it. The Boys really outdid themselves - there were some kickass effects, which would explain why the tickets this time were so much more expensive. There wasn't anything totally extravagant, like flying, this time but it was still well worth it. However, I think last year's ITM tour might have been better - it may be because last time was my very first concert, or it could be because I could enjoy it more last time, without worrying about how to get closer or if I would get caught. Or maybe last year was just better. Who knows? Either way, the Black & Blue concert was still amazing and I can't wait till they come back again.

On AJ's Rehab Situation:

If there was one thing this whole situation did, it was to solidify how PROUD I am of Aj, Nick, Brian, Kevin and Howie. When I first heard the news, I was shocked, and didn't entirely believe it, because I honestly didn't see it coming. And living in Canada means no MTV, which means if anything big happens, you find out hours after it has actually happened. But soon after I saw clips of John Norris' interview with the guys on the news and that's when I broke down crying. I had always imagined the Boys to be invincible, and this was the first time I saw them so vulnerable. I didn't feel like doing anything for days - I can only imagine what the people closest to AJ had to go through. The whole situation was kind of bittersweet. On the one hand, I was sad FOR Aj. Sad that he was so depressed and there was nothing I could do for him. Sad that the rest of the Boys were so heartbroken. But on the other hand, I was happy. I was happy AJ admitted to having a problem and is getting the help he needs to get better. And I truly believe he will. He has the strength and I know that he'll come back better than ever. And I was also proud of them. Proud that they were honest with us, and proud that they care so much about their fans, and about each other. If these 5 guys aren't REAL role models, I don't know who are. Im glad there are five guys in this world who I can look up to five guys who are honest, loyal, brave, strong, and most of all, HUMAN. My prayers are with you, AJ.

On Marriages:

This one is a bit different from all the other stuff i have on this page. I just kinda felt like putting this on cause i've been feeling...off...lately. Kinda, i dunno. Anyway, I was thinking about Brian and Kevin. And how they are so in love. Kevin's known Kristin for what, 9 years? And he's dated her for maybe 8 years before he married her. I find that absolutely wonderful - to be able to completely know and trust someone like that and fall in love and get married...it's beautiful! And I keep thinking of Kevin's thank yous on the Black & Blue CD: "Kristin, you're my wife, baby!" He's so proud of her. And I can't help but wish that I'll find love like that someday. It's the same thing with Brian and Leighanne...they're the perfect couple, in all perspectives. Everything about them matches, not just the fact that they're both blondes, about the same height, and wear matching outfits all the time (LOL), but also inside too (how they feel about things). Those two are like the Model Couple for everyone, and they're so in love - it's obvious in the way Brian talks about her all the time. And now, in my little-girl type of way, I fantasize about finding love like that in the future too. Soulmates. I believe that's the things that 'complete' people's lives, and I REALLY hope I find it. And I hope the other Boys find it too...afterall, they deserve it.

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