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Holy effing crap, that took way too damn long. In more ways than one. But it's done. Finally. It was like pulling teeth, but it's done. And yeah...remember when I said I'd get hosted? Well I'm having a few problems communicating with my would-be host. BUT, getting my own domain is in the works right now. So if everything goes well, TWI should have a new ad-free home next update. I know, I know, probably no one believes a word outta my mouth anymore but...I'm pretty sure about this one. Sorry for always pushing things back :(
Let's see...what else. I re-worked the links section. No more banner links. They've finally annoyed the living crap outta me so everyone's got text links now. And there's also a new form you can use to send in links. Makes things all nice and organized :)
Got two...count 'em TWO new videos in the Take 33 section for your enjoyment, and also encounters with Ben Affleck and Avril Lavigne in the Live section. They both rock.
Sorry about the weird messed up index page for the last couple weeks. Everything should be back to normal now. Ya'll were NOSY weren't you? Can't believe there were so many Evan wannabes out there. lmfao j/k
Enjoy the update. I've missed ya. :)
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Yes I finally have an update done. Sorry about the delay - but life comes first. I don't want updating to become a chore for me ya know?
In case you didn't notice, we had a winner for the site contest - Megan! Congrats! If you were wondering, the answer was Jermaine Dupri - as the guy in the layout; and the two section titles that didn't change was the Live and Bios sections.
I have a ton of new stuff for ya this update - including a brand new blogger and an Obsession page! YAY! lol
What else, what else...oh yeah, link codes changed again - sorry for the incovenience! Thanks very much for your patience. I think that's it now. Enjoy the update :)
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What'd I say? Told ya that eventually, I'd get that update done. LOL But really, this has been a huge ass update with the new layout (AJ BABY!), contest, and NEW SECTIONS! WOOOHOOO! I also organized the Commentaries section a bit, and if you have me linked, it's time to change codes. The location of my banners/buttons have been moved, so PLEASE CHANGE THEM. Thanks and leave some feedback in the guestbook will ya? :) Hope everyone had a kickin' New Year and a wonderful Christmas. Let's hope 2002 will be less sucky than last year hmmm?

What else...Congratulations to AJ and Sarah for their engagement - you have all our best wishes. And thank you mucho to Janie at Sometimes Wishes Come True for naming TWI Site of the Moment! YAY :) Anyway, let's keep the Backstreet Pride rocking in 2002 (i love being corny hah) and as always, enjoy the update.

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