------// Version 2.0 Come Get It

This section is for the explanation of Version 2.0 Come Get It, which you can see in the booted layouts section. Obviously, it's centered around the adorable Aaron Carter. I seem to have a growing obsession with him so that's how this version was born. The kid is just so damn cute! Also, I've noticed how similar Aaron and Nick are...

Exhibit A:

First of all, there's the inevitable similar looks. But then you say "That's cause they're brothers!" Well then take a look at Exhibit B.

Exhibit B:

Look at that! They're friggen CLONES! Ok, maybe not that dramatic but, can they look more alike? Alright, on to Exhibit C.

Exhibit C:

Now this is a real biggie. Look at the way they hold their guitars!! Still not convinced? Let's move on to the last exhibit.

Exhibit D:

HA! Look at that and tell me those two do not look alike!! Can't do it? Thought so. They obviously have the same sense of style - they HAVE to be the only two people on Earth who would think THAT hairstyle looks cool...